Lockdown…..Time to recover and re-discover…..

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I was fortunate that lockdown did not affect my professional life even for day . However, same could not be said of my social life. I spent the initial 15 odd days of after office time indoors.

Two weeks and I decided enough is enough, life has to get back on track. The fear all around was a restricting factor. I could not allow my evenings to go waste. I decided to use my ‘me’ time more fruitfully .

Walk Time…

Evening walks have been integral part of my life since years. Fortunately, my office and residence are part of a large, clean and green campus. I worked out a zigzag route of 5 kms and the walks came back on track albeit less my permanent partner, my wife. She resides in a different city due to professional and family commitments. Evening walks are a big de-stressor and a time to reflect, recover and rediscover.

The beautiful surroundings……help in re-discovery

Back to blogging….

I had started blogging as a hobby in 2018. I was forced to take a break in 2019 due to health issues and other commitments, however, the lockdown gave me an opportunity to start blogging again. Blogging not only provides me a platform to express my thoughts but also to interact with bloggers from all across the world. The aim being just to share views with no financial attachments, I am just loving it.

The lovely sky….on way to self discovery..

Adding to the knowledge pool….

Since I post just one or two short blogs a week, I still had free time in evening on some days. Thus, came the idea of adding on to the knowledge and I joined Neuro- Linguistic Programming course and a German language course online. The course material is available 24 X 7 online hence I can learn on my own time and clear doubts through emails. I do not know how much these courses will help but I am enjoying the process.

Picking new hobbies

In between the other activities I spend time in learning baking skills and preparing melt and pour soaps. I did not know that modern technology has made both these activities simple. Ready mixes are available one just has to mix and bake or melt and set. I am finding preparing soaps more fun. Trying new things, preparing soaps with turmeric, sandal, almond, aloe vera, different oils and what not. It was surprising to know that some soap bases contain goat milk too.

Road to self discovery during lockdown
The chemical free home made soaps……

I do not know how much time life may take to get back to normal. But I am sure I will go on adding more hobbies and skills to my bag. Aim is to learn, not necessarily to add a new means to earn and my short outings also continue.


  1. Good morning Sir 🌻🔆
    Nice to see u indulging in meaning full hobbies….even here at Annamlainagar i came with idea to looses some weight…and i m happy to shed some kilos ….keep walking…keep thriving
    With Regards

  2. How fortunate you are to be able to walk … and indulge in your pursuits of leisure and hobbies.
    I would love to get away from the “madding crowds” of the office and into green spaces.

  3. Krish, I make my own soaps too. We are a chemical free home and we will remain that way! As for fear …. I will NOT bend my knee to fear. I’ve been out and about since March refusing to be locked inside like a wild animal. NO! I will not let a “murderer” tell me how to live my life, either. NO one has the right to strip me of my constitutional rights despite some being taken away like freedom to CHOOSE. I have chosen to live my life my way within the illegal limitations put upon all of us. I’m proud of you for your attitude!! Keep it up!! xo

    1. Agreed Amy….we cannot allow ourselves to be tied down like this mentally and physically….life has to be lived and enjoyed..🙏🙏

  4. Wow wow wow sir… A perfect example of learning never stops. Leaning German , NLP and making Soaps… hmmmm.. Who could imagine you doing such interesting things. Way to go sir…. Excellent

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