Quote of the day….Learn to make yourself a priority…

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‘Make yourself a priority, sounds so cliched but then it matters.

Be your own priority...
Make yourself a priority….

Yes, respect, care and help people around you. Be there when someone needs you. But in doing all that do not lose yourself. Do not forget your own existence.

As a child education is the priority thereafter, profession comes in. Then the lifelong struggle starts for finding a balance between personal and professional life. The family and professional needs pull in different directions. Where are you in all this?

‘You’ should matter the most to you. You cannot keep others happy if you yourself are not happy. To understand others better first understand yourself. Find your ‘ me time’ and find yourself.

Life is not just about making sacrifices. It is about maintaining a balance where you matter as much, if not more, than anyone and anything else.

Love yourself , care for yourself, be your own priority. Start living your life do not just exist.

Life-work balance….

What are you running after…..


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