Why do I love photography?

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Photography is one of the hobbies I have been pursuing since past few years. Though I have not been able to give it the time and attention that I would love to but still photography is what I love other than writing blogs. I started my tryst with photography about 35 years back with a ‘point and shoot’ camera. The journey has been full of ‘creative fun’ since then.

The beauty of monsoon and photography

This year monsoon has been playing a truant. It rained in my city last weekend after a gap of nearly two weeks. What a relief it was? It not only brought relief from the high temperature but made the surroundings overall look so beautiful. After a long time, the beauty around forced me to take my camera out and I really enjoyed it.

What I love about photography?

What I love about the photography most is that it not just gets me close to nature but also inspires the creativity of my mind. I am not a professional photographer but still enjoy the interaction between the brain, hand and the subject/ model being photographed. The subject of my attention are generally the plants, the sun, moon, and animals unless my wife or daughter oblige.

Photography helps me to see things differently. It is amazing to notice from a photograph how many details one had missed while watching the same subject live. The different angles at which a photo is shot throws open varying perspectives.

Photography is not just about pointing the camera and clicking the shoot button. It is understanding the subject, the lights, the shades, the equipment, and editing. It is much more creative and requires much more intelligence than I ever thought. Mobile phones with all their in-built capability of photoshopping supported with multiple filters cannot match a camera.

A photograph brings one face to face with details which he/ she may miss normally. It is easier to comprehend and helps understand any story better. It takes the mind back in time and helps in keeping the memories alive. Most of the social media is thriving because of the quality of the photos and videos posted.

I user most of the photographs I click in my blog. So, in a way the hobby of photography complements that of writing. Photographs helps me in expressing better.

The camera is like a friend, it goes wherever I go. Does not question anything, does whatever I instruct it to do.


Any hobby, specially if it is creative, is a companion for life. It will never let you feel lonely. It will give you company when everyone else desert. Everyone must have a hobby; Photography, cooking, writing, painting, dancing or whatever. It will help you maintain your sanity in the crazy world.

Hobby…. A companion for life….

Develop a good hobby….Keep sane all your life….

Lockdown…..Time to recover and re-discover…..


  1. Thank you for sharing some of your photography! I love the leaf with the water drops especially. I actually love photography too as a hobby. I just enjoy capturing moments! Beautiful post. Stay blessed! 🙂

  2. Great to see that you have evolved as a person sir…. simultaneously refusing to back down whole greying up in terms of biological years. You are getting younger day by day with new hobbies and learning the art of living. Congrats and regards sir.

    1. Thank you Lalit..
      Change makes life interesting but what makes it more interesting of the change is self initiated.
      Stay blessed always

  3. Creativity at its best… beautiful and refreshing! Your blogs ignite a spark and photos capture our imagination… Wonderful indeed!

  4. That’s an amazing write up about photography Krish, below lines are awesome.

    Still I enjoy the interaction between the brain, hand and the subject/ model being photographed

    1. Thank you so much Suma.
      I am.a firm believer that hobbies are a must in life . Every child should be encouraged to develop a creative hobby.
      I get amazed at your ability to find time and read whatever I write. I fully understand the ‘number of life hats’ (Daughter, spouse, mother, friend, motivator, professional, homemaker, thinker, poet, writer….) you are wearing are as it is more than enough to keep you over occupied. But yet you take time out to read too. My salutations to you and your amazing spirit.
      Stay blessed always.

      1. Rightly said, hobbies would really bring us joy n trigger our creativity as well. Oh! Tons of thanks for Emphasizing and understanding how it feels to handle all those hats in a single hand. I have no Mil.. too so little hectic to handle sometimes but am so happy to be engaged/occupied n busy. I love to accept challenges in first place.

        Writings yah! I get only late night post my mid shift even to visit n respond to all of you but I am trying to visit n pay my credit where ever it’s due to each of those co-bloggers who visits me ‘coz all of you are part my happiness of writing n sharing thoughts. Your precious words n kind thoughts are more than anything n beyond the world. Much greatful to you Krish. Thanks for everything once again 😇🙏🙏

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