Do not just live to dream….Live your dream….

It is said that ‘Life is a journey from what you are to what you want to be’. Wish life were all that simple, which everyone could understand and steered it the way they wanted. Unfortunately, a vast majority falter at the first step; most are not aware of their own capabilities and what they want to achieve in life.


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To Succeed….Learn to face rejections…

The success in life beyond graduation is basically dependent on a child’s ability to face failures. Unfortunately, very few parents prepare the child to face rejections in life.


The Indian parents are no different from parents the world over. There are some who always go out of the way to protect the child, for them their child can do no wrong ever. These parents always come to the rescue of child when he/ she fails in an exam or competition by shifting the blame to the system. The excuses of failure range from poor quality of teachers to bad seating arrangement or very high or very low temperatures in the exam hall or taking cover of superstition. They will never find any fault with the child. Such parents are always ready to fulfill any demand of the child without ever trying to understand whether what the child is demanding is actually required or not. Some of them think that money can buy anything and spend huge sums of money to get the child admitted in renowned colleges just to satisfy their own ego. They fail to understand that money can buy a degree but not knowledge or skill. Such children find it very difficult to achieve much on their own as depending on external support (parent’s) is in their nature. Majority of them either join the parental business or start a business with the support of parents. The day the support breaks down and desires get difficult to fulfill most of these youth lose their way. These young boys and girls are not used to facing rejections or failures and certainly have no idea what hard work is. When going gets difficult some find try to escape from the reality through the drug route and some even take the extreme step of committing suicide.

Then there is this second variety of parents which lies on the other extreme of the spectrum; for them their child can never do anything good in life, they are always ready to put the blame of failures on the child. Such children wait for the day they can get out from the shadow of the parents. Most of them never set a vision for themselves and latch on to the first job they can lay their hands on. It is not the quality of job but the perceived financial security the job gives which matters. All their life they remain trapped under the first job they got and never realise their own passion and never understand what true freedom and happiness is.  

Then there is this third variety of parents, a minority, who believe in overall development of the child and making him/ her self-reliant. They indulge in constructive criticism to make the child realise his/ her weaknesses and help them overcome them through their own efforts. Majority of such children possess the inner strength to face failures. They do not mind long working hours or job hopping till they get something which satisfies the mind. These boys and girls take risks to follow their passion and most of them end up as achievers as they are doing do what they love.

 It is incumbent on the parents to prepare the child to face failures in life. Parents may be stinking rich, but they should not aim to donate the money to the child, he should work hard to become worthy of inheritance if the rich legacy has to continue.




The beautiful nature ..

Being with nature is so fulfilling and destressing specially in these trying times when every mind has been over possessed by the fear virus….by the fear of death. The pandemic, other than setting new norms for the way of life, has forced another big change in our lives….it has by default brought in a positive change in our surroundings ; the pollution levels are down to the lowest, the air we breathe is purer, the stars shine brighter.

The Sangla Valley…one of the most beautiful valleys in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India…

One does not have to go for long drives to enjoy the change; a short walk early morning around the place of stay is also refreshing and magical. Enjoy as long as it lasts, let the heart and lungs feel the purity.

Missing the hugs and the smiles….

The pandemic has affected the life of a common man the most, the life of ‘Aam Aadmi” like me who derive happiness from small things in life; small things like the hugs and smiles matter the most to me. But now all the 24 X 7 News channels having successfully sold the fear story that every man who hugs, will get a dose of Ms Corona free, (chances improve manifolds if the hug is given to a stranger) has ensured that  no one is willing to even come closer than two metres leave alone giving a hug. Corona ably aided by the over indulgent TV channels has managed to do something in a matter of couple of months which even an overtly possessive spouse could not do in years; blown the hugs and the kisses (the friendly ones) out from the life without much ado.


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Being a Soldier….

The night was freezing cold, the temperature sub-zero as the 20 men set out one fine evening on a confirmatory patrol in a rugged high-altitude terrain far away from their base, to check whether all was well along the border.

The group of 20, whose roots lay in 10 different states of the country from Punjab, Himachal, Bihar, Bengal, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand to Madhya Pradesh, but in their veins flowed only Indian blood. The braves for whom surnames, caste, creed or religion had no relevance; the only religion they believed in is soldiering.

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Suicide is not an answer … only raises more questions……

Reposting a blog on rising trend of suicides I had originally posted in 2018…still remains so relevant…

Born pure….Why can’t we allow them to live pure?

I have had the good fortune of being in the hills on number of occasions; have not just traveled through but lived there for long periods.

One major difference between life in hills and the plains is the purity one experiences, the purity not just of the air or water but the complete environment as such, the major difference can be felt in the minds and thoughts; simple people, satisfied with basic necessities.  

Look at the rivers, most having their origin in the mountains; so pure, carefree it flows through the hills, and as it comes down being tamed by the dams to harness the energy and further down tons of pollutants get added through factory/ human waste, burning corpses and what not. The stream which originated so pure is turned into a garbage cum pollutant carrier due to human greed and neglect.

Come to think of it, human being undergoes similar changes from birth till death. A child at birth has such a pure mind, carefree in the initial years of growth and then the dams of education system, the beliefs of the elder and the outdated societal values come in between trying to pull the free flowing energy of the youth in their own directions. Parents and elders dictating education, career and marriage options and all possible attempts are made to pollute the mind through distorted historical facts, feeding ill-conceived beliefs, communal-ism, racism and what not. Majority of the youth lose the steam in the dams of life prepared for them by the elders and the society and just give in to living a routine life caught between job, family, and the societal beliefs.

A small group still manage to push through the dam with the brains still ticking and try not to exactly swim against but certainly away from the current. They try to define life on their own terms against stiff resistance of the old guard; some, termed as rebel, succeed while most perish in the big fight, but I am sure they do leave the world, satisfied that they tried.  

Yes, the river water produces electricity when blocked and channelized by the dam and so will the human mind and humanity prosper if the energy of the youth is guided into the right direction. Guide the youth and let him choose his own path; do not pollute the mind with hatred, outdated beliefs, and distorted facts. ‘It is these handful who swim away from the mainstream who generate the current and bring in the positive change in the society/ humanity’.