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Being with nature is so fulfilling and destressing specially in these trying times when every mind has been over possessed by the fear virus….by the fear of death. The pandemic, other than setting new norms for the way of life, has forced another big change in our lives….it has by default brought in a positive change in our surroundings ; the pollution levels are down to the lowest, the air we breathe is purer, the stars shine brighter.

The Sangla Valley…one of the most beautiful valleys in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India…

One does not have to go for long drives to enjoy the change; a short walk early morning around the place of stay is also refreshing and magical. Enjoy as long as it lasts, let the heart and lungs feel the purity.


  1. Let’s just hope the clever human learns from the pandemic and brings about changes to keep pollution levels down.
    Unfortunately though China haven’t, pollution levels are now higher than before pandemic.

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