Why is non verbal communication so important?

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Non- verbal communication is the heart of communication. Unfortunately not many understand its importance.

Importance of non-verbal communication
Non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication…. 

It is common knowledge that non-verbal communication mode matters more than the verbal communication. The gestures, written words, the way one walks/ talks and dresses are all part of the non- verbal communication. 

In the army the we are used to clear verbal and written directions. It is only after marriage that my pro-efficiency in reading expressions and eyes improved manifold. My wife, like most ladies, excels in use of facial expressions, tone, tenor and eyes for communication. Daughter has helped in bringing in further finesse.  

The walk, talk and the dress style…. 

I understood the importance of style of talking, walking and dressing in communication quite late. I have an excuse for the dressing part as in the army we have more or less set way for dressing for every function/ occasion. The army even teaches you to walk and talk in a particular way. The scope for manipulation comes as one grows in service. But not many exercise the option and prefer to follow the beaten path.  

The dress sense also changed (for good?) after marriage. More colour got added to the wardrobe. Informal wear started getting its due though the blacks still enjoyed the pride of place. But I can say with conviction that the no colour can match the army uniform. 

Every occasion, every place demands a different way of dressing and communicating. A blue jean and a white tee shirt are as much needed in the ward robe as the green uniform and the black tuxedo. What one wears where communicates a distinct mindset.  

The body language, posture what the army life inculcates combined with the uniform definitely gives an edge to the officer. It communicates confidence which no torn or washed jeans can ever do. 

The way one dresses, stands/ sits and the tone/ tenor he/ she talks in shows the intent and the capability. 

Social media…. 

Now I am getting used to the style of communicating on the social media. Generally, people follow ‘shorter the better’ style of communicating. More reliance is on emojis, smileys and new found abbreviations.  

The DP, status and the language (emojis?) all convey a mindset, a thought process. There are some who go overboard in displaying their pictures while some do not use them at all. How can you socialise without showing the true you? 

I tried to get used to the prevalent style but my old school teaching pulled me back to old style of using complete sentences. At the cost of sounding old fashioned I prefer addressing people by their name and convey my thoughts through complete sentences. I found it works.  


I have seen speakers restricting themselves behind a lecture stand and totally depending on slides to communicate their mind. Most of them lose the attention of the audience within first few minutes.  

A good orator makes maximum use of the positive body language/ gestures to keep connected with the audience. They do not hide behind a rostrum but own the stage. They prefer to depend more on their skills and less on the slides to convey their mind.  

Communication is the backbone of any relationship

Good communication….the lockdown lessons


  1. Excellent Sir. Very true. I’m always of opinion and belief that Non Verbal Communication is the main form of communication. It shows the true side of a person. I also believe that a person with high Emotional Quotient will always use Non Verbal Communication as a main medium of communication when interacting with a gp if audience. Regards

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