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The night was freezing cold, the temperature sub-zero as the 20 men set out one fine evening on a confirmatory patrol in a rugged high-altitude terrain far away from their base, to check whether all was well along the border.

The group of 20, whose roots lay in 10 different states of the country from Punjab, Himachal, Bihar, Bengal, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand to Madhya Pradesh, but in their veins flowed only Indian blood. The braves for whom surnames, caste, creed or religion had no relevance; the only religion they believed in is soldiering.

The adversary had broken the trust and was trying to encroach in. They were 20 and the enemy far higher in numbers and well entrenched. But this did not deter the braves, led by their Commanding Officer, from carrying out the assigned task; the task of defending every inch of the mother land. It did not matter that the land they were defending was a cold desert far away from their home towns, where not even a blade of grass ever grew; the only thing which mattered was that the land was Indian and no outsider could be allowed to pollute it with their presence.

They tried all peaceful means to convince the enemy to move back but the adversary emboldened by their numerical superiority attacked like a pack of dogs. The brave twenty, heavily outnumbered and left with no options, fought back like tigers, the hand to hand combat went on for hours; the thought of making a cowardly retreat to save own life would not have even grazed a single mind . They fought till the last breath and embraced death living up to their motto ‘Nation First’.

This is what differentiates a soldier from a common man rather from ‘other uniformed men’ too. A soldier carries out his task with what he has, no strikes, no sloganeering no twitter wars. He lives in a real world and when the nation’s pride is at stake nothing, not even his family or the smiling face of his child can come in the way of his duty.

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“Why cannot we not take a leaf out of the training books of the soldiers and teach it to the kids in school….

No caste, no creed, no religion or community….only humanity and Nation matters”

“As long as there are borders…

There will be wars…

And there will be selfless soldiers…

Who will place nation before self…..

Who will not hesitate a minute to take a life or shed their own blood for national Pride…

For they know….someone got to be loyal…

The soldiers will come and go…

The nation has to live on….

No politics … no rhetoric…

Just selfless action they believe in...”

PS : The article is purely based on imagination and on what one hears and believes.


  1. Very well expressed sir. Hope the hard work, sincerity and above all sacrifices of so many dead and injured don’t go waste and unaccounted for in the times to come. While the people did day it said it in March – April but I too have started to believe that world will not be the same after 2020.

  2. I truely agree with you sir that kids should be taught in schools.And every family has to send their one soldier to serve our mother land .

  3. Very well said…Soldiers actually following their Dharma in true sense…But we as nation need to back up with a coherent and pragmatic national policy that is ruthlessly implemented. Democracy makes it difficult to a accept and acknowledge the hard realities of ground. Understanding of the complex problem and then having moral courage to say the truth…we need to put our money too in right direction….not just verbal bravado….physical courage has its limitations to tactical levels only that too not always..let’s hope we will draw right lessons from these losses…

  4. Very well said…soldier does his Dharma…But it needs to be followed up by a coherent and pragmatic national policy. Understanding, accepting a and ack the hard realities of ground and history requires much moral courage. Democracy makes it difficult when political parties only think of winning elections and public not very educated. We put our money where our interest lies…let’s hope right lessons are drawn…

  5. Krish, I don’t believe in war or hurting others, yet there comes a time that we all must stand up for our beliefs and what is truly right. Our right to liberty and family and love is what I stand for and for this I consider myself a soldier of sorts. My ammunition is not bullets. My ammunition is love and goodwill, integrity, courage, and an unwavering stance that I will not allow the evil in this world to destroy me or my family or the love in my heart. xo

      1. It is far from easy to even know what our beliefs are in a world that screams at all of us so many conflicting and differing “beliefs”. It takes a very strong mind to know, really know what beliefs to stand on that are of that person’s own making. xo

  6. A leaf of Solider’s training book in s hools, what a thought Krish, must be and every student must know the value and power behind these words “who will not hesitate a minute to take a life or shed their own blood for national Pride…”

    Thanks for including this precious link so that I fortunately red this 🙏🙏

    1. Thank you Suma..
      I know not many on write or read such topics but I do feel strongly for soldiers and their way of life.
      Soldiering is not just a profession it is a way of life .
      Stay blessed always.

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