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The pandemic has affected the life of a common man the most, the life of ‘Aam Aadmi” like me who derive happiness from small things in life; small things like the hugs and smiles matter the most to me. But now all the 24 X 7 News channels having successfully sold the fear story that every man who hugs, will get a dose of Ms Corona free, (chances improve manifolds if the hug is given to a stranger) has ensured that  no one is willing to even come closer than two metres leave alone giving a hug. Corona ably aided by the over indulgent TV channels has managed to do something in a matter of couple of months which even an overtly possessive spouse could not do in years; blown the hugs and the kisses (the friendly ones) out from the life without much ado.


The other major casualty caused by Ms Corona has been to the the smile which has either gone totally missing or hidden behind the mask. The bright smile of the child, the welcome smile of a friend (not the artificial smile of an air hostess) or even the fake smile of a junior worn to impress the boss have all gone missing. The fake smiles were the most innovative; I always wondered how someone could force lips to wear a smile without exercising any other facial muscle. Now with the mask being there even the little exercise the lips used to undertake is not required. Even the carefree loud laughter has gone unusually silent, the fear that Corona loves the deep French kiss has shut the mouths. The expression of doubt has overtaken the friendly actions of hi-5s, the pats on the back and the banging of the chests.  

It has been three months since I hugged someone or witnessed a genuine smile, a smile the sight of which could bring cheer on every face around. It is high time we made efforts to tame the fear embedded deep in the mind, how long can one live like this. More than the virus it is the fear which has dictated the life norms in last few months.

I am getting back to my normal way of life; Madam Corona cannot deprive me the happiness and energy I draw from a warm a hug, friendly ruffle of the hairs or a handshake. How long can one just keep feeling without the touch? The ‘Jadu ki Jhappi’ has always been our strength we cannot let a foreign virus take it away from us. Come on friends let us make a fresh beginning; set the trend of ‘sanitised’ hugs. Let us show the world that our ‘Jhappi’(hug) has magic and can still do wonders.


  1. I’m all smiles and happy after reading a nice Sunday morning article. Many a times i too forget to keep safe distancing as old habits of warm handshake are not easy to go. Let’s hope Ms Corona goes away and leaves us humans with lessons to appreciate small good things in life like Hugs and Handshakes. Well written sir. Regards

  2. The protocols are all set to make us fearful and taking extra caution without actual utility. I find people running jogging with masks on….actually harmful. We can use our discretion at least privately….

  3. Yes Krish, with the mask on, all seem strangers.It’s difficult to assess a statement without any facial expression.Somebody astonished me while greeting, “I don’t see a smile in your eyes dear”.

  4. It’s now Jan. 2021 and here in Ontario, Canada we are in a state of emergency, where the fine for breaking the rules is $750. That alone makes me think twice about being near people. I have a broken foot, so I can’t get out for a walk. I am trying to start a small business making soap and selling my watercolour cards. I’m also learning how to write a book. That keeps me busy. Less time to be depressed because of lack of social contact, lack of touch. I miss the hugs. I miss the friends who do not call. But I am learning something else: thoughts become things. I visualize every day for something that I truly want in my life, after Covid. I keep an open mind and lo and behold some things are beginning to materialize. I am confident that Covid will pass. We just have to be patient and creative. Think outside the box and you will be smiling.

    1. True…most have found alternative means of keeping themselves busy…to get happiness…some have succeeded…many still struggle…Yes, Covid shall pass…or just become a part of normal life…
      Stay blessed 🙏😇

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