Why people fail to implement their plan?

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Why people fail to implement their plan?The human mind keeps generating plans day in and day out. That is what a normal mind is supposed to do. 

Execution of plan
Executing the plan…..

What matters is how many plans see the light of the day? Majority of the plans just remain in the mind. We are very impatient in planning but more than patient in implementing that plan. This can be seen in our homes, offices and even in the government functioning.  

Parents keep making plans but children choose to walk their own path. Numerous schemes announced by the government are not implemented.  

Why people fail to implement their plan? 

People attribute their failure in implementing the plans to many reasons. These range from family responsibilities/ pressures to financial restrictions. In my view these are just excuses. the major reasons are the fear of failure and people failing to put their heart and soul in the effort.  

The person who has the belief and is willing to struggle is the one who walks his plan. The plan may or may not work out for various reasons. But one thing is sure that a plan will only succeed if risks are taken.  

Risk has to be taken…. 

What risk can be bigger than losing your life. In every military operation the risk of losing the life looms large on every soldier but it does not stop them from executing the plan.  

One got to think out of the box and innovate to succeed. Walking the oft beaten path will take the person to the same old destination which is already overcrowded.  


Just follow the simple formula of prepare, persist, persevere, fail, get up, restart and keep going. The plan will not just see the light of the day, there are reasonable chances of tasting success too.

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  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself and I wholeheartedly agree with the post!

    Thank you so much for sharing these pearls of wisdom <3

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