My Dream Girl….Zara Tasveer se Tu Nikalker Saamne aa…

It’s a fashion among the married people to keep asking the bachelors about the marriage plans. Maybe, their own life having become a routine that’s the only variation the married guys find, rubbing in the thought of marriage into the mind of single men/ women, narrating the happiness the marriage and a life partner brings. And every bachelor has this thought “Arrey yaar, if you are happily married than you be happy, let me live my life and if you are not happy than let me be happy with my life”. But live and let live ka riwaaz yahan chalta nahin (The philosophy of live and let live somehow doesn’t seem to work here). My parents fortunately never pestered me with questions about marriage, but you know these friends specially the married ones, pushed by their spouses, don’t give up on such issues easily.

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My Date with Corona….

I bid farewell to my wife and daughter at the airport on 10 Mar 20 and as I reached back home late evening I had this mixed emotion of bit of sadness of having to live without them for a considerable of time and then there was a spark in a corner of the heart lighted by thought of imminent freedom (as we say in India- “Ek aankh mein dukh ke aansu …ek mein Khushi” “Tears flowed from one eye as the other sparkled with joy”). Having lived long under the ‘watchful’ eye of the family since quite some time the heart had secretly longed for these moments of freedom and finally God had answered my prayers so it was time to enjoy.


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The Big Fight – Corona Vs The Great Indian Moms…..

It came, it saw and it conquered; well that’s what corona has done, casually walked into our lives, no knock on the door, no call, taking full advantage of the careless behaviour of the human species the world over took a hassle free entry into the body and travelled the world over, putting the fear of death in citizens of country after country without much ado.

scientific logic and moms

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Lessons from COVID – 19….

Corona epidemic has spread like wild fire across the world. Fear of being infected ( if not of death) has gripped every individual.  It won’t be wrong to say that Fear pandemic has affected the world in much higher proportions than Corona virus actually has. Every nation has formulated its own strategy to counter the spread of virus. As the struggle goes on the pandemic … Continue reading Lessons from COVID – 19….