People matter most…. They make or break the organisation….

Who-so-ever one may be. What-so-ever profession one may be in. It is the people around you who matter most in life. It is they who make or break you. Starting from close relatives to professional associates/ subordinates or the customers, they are the ones who matter. Unfortunately, most of us neglect or take for granted the people who matter most. Taking people for granted…. The … Continue reading People matter most…. They make or break the organisation….

North Sikkim …. Beauty beyond compare….

I consider it as a blessing to have visited North Sikkim. It is the largest of the four districts of Sikkim and certainly one of the most beautiful and serene places one can visit. The Geography…. The place is characterised by high mountains and steep valleys. The vegetation varies from thick forests till alpine heights from where onwards it turns into a barren desert at … Continue reading North Sikkim …. Beauty beyond compare….

Sikkim ….The garden of the Gods….

Sikkim is the smallest and the least populous state of India and lies in the Eastern Himalayas. My visits…. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful state in the country. I was fortunate to visit this state on number of occasions. The natural beauty of the place and the simplicity of the populace keeps pulling me back again and again. I will cover Sikkim … Continue reading Sikkim ….The garden of the Gods….

I was slim…. but not exactly fit….

I have always maintained a slim athletic body. One thing which I just cannot stand is a bulging tummy. The slim is fit façade…. I have always followed a more or less set routine around which my life daily life revolves. I do take breaks from routine to ease out or travel. But within a given day the routine is set. As someone who believed … Continue reading I was slim…. but not exactly fit….

Puducherry ….Paris of the East….

I started my travel blogs taking you all on a tour of hills and vales of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. This time around I just thought of taking you all to the coastal plains down south. The place of focus is Puducherry which I happened to visit in Oct 2019. History…. As per historical records Poduke or Poduca (a market place) was a Roman trading … Continue reading Puducherry ….Paris of the East….

My pets ….My stress busters

Studies after studies the world over have brought out the positive role of pets in the management of human stress. As far back as as my memory takes me, there was always a pet dog at our home. All my life I have been fond of dogs but understood the real meaning of the role they could play in grooming my personal life quite late. … Continue reading My pets ….My stress busters