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Most of us Indians are obsessed with two types of investments. Investing the youth in education to get a good secure job or setting up a business. After that investing the life in the job or business to sustain it.

Apparently, there is nothing wrong in this approach but are they succeeding in the real sense? Yes, they may be able to earn more money but at what cost? The result is less time for family and self. Increased work load leading to stress and new lifestyle diseases. This is bound to adversely affect their professional growth. Finally, the individual finds himself trapped in a vicious cycle from which there seems no escape and then a pandemic strikes.

The COVID-19 has shown that nothing is guaranteed in life. At no point should anyone get a feeling that he is prepared to face any contingency the life throws. The pandemic has thrown lives out of gear. People have suffered losses in business, lost jobs or facing salary cuts. The end of the pandemic is nowhere in sight and people are running out of savings and ideas.

What does one require to face the unexpected? A balanced investment in good health, money, knowledge and friends is what can help anyone sail through the worst of the storm. 

#Wise Investment is what matters…

What needs to change?

Financial Security. Importance of money in life cannot be denied. However, most of give precedence to job security over financial security. While believing in savings to an extent most individuals stay away from financial investments. That is what has adversely affected most households during the pandemic this year. Since earnings were not intelligently invested there were no or very low returns. Savings on their own could not sustain for long. This is one of the most important lesson individuals have to learn from COVID; do not just save but invest make your money grow.

Health. Health, if not taken care of, will pose the biggest hurdle on the road to the desired goals. Healthy people have faced the threat of the virus well while those with lifestyle diseases, old and weak have been on the receiving end. In present day environment health is most neglected because of the lifestyle most people are leading. There is no set routine, the food habits are not good and there is no “me time”.

It is best to follow a routine wherein balanced attention is paid to work, family, food, physical health and leisure. Periodic health check-up is a must even for those who think they are young and healthy. Do not forget taking a break at regular intervals to freshen up the mind and body.  A good break may range from just a two minutes stretch on the chair, tea break or walk in the garden to an outing once a year. Healthy mind and body are two main investments which will lead to the desired goals.

Knowledge. Another investment which requires a sincere commitment is knowledge. If you do not make sincere efforts to keep abreast with not just the technological changes but also the surrounding environment you are bound to be left behind not just in the profession but in life as such.

Constantly upgrade your skills and acquire new. Develop habit of reading or join a course online. Time is never an issue; it is the will to study which one has to muster. Knowledge will not just help you in tackling the challenges but also prepare you to question the set patterns. Knowledge is always respected and so will you be.

Hobby. Invest in a hobby, if you can. It will help you to counter stress, whatever may be the cause. It will help in improving creativity and thought process. Drawing, painting, singing, cooking, whatever you like just go for it. The returns will be amazing and the only regret you will have is why you started so late. Creativity has helped many a person to cope with the challenge thrown by the pandemic. Investment in a good hobby will always reap benefits.

Relationships. Investment in good relationships will give out of proportion returns. Good relationship both at home and office are a must. Better the relations and bigger the circle of people you call ‘us’ will lead to excellent output. The emotional support you get will see you through any stress situation. In the lockdown it is the good friends and close relations who mattered more than anything else.

Grooming. Lastly, do not forget to invest in your personal grooming, the way you dress, look, walk and talk. Always, look your best; dishevelled looks do not impress much. Smart looks, neat hairstyle with a creative brain under it and self-discipline is a deadly combination which will rarely miss a target. Even if it misses, it will leave a mark.

Learn from the prevalent situation and do not waste life just running after job security. Invest wisely in health, money, friends and knowledge and be ready to face any challenge. Wise investments give peace of mind.

Lessons from COVID – 19….


  1. Very true sir each and every word you said is true hope people learn from their mistakes.

  2. Very aptly brought out sir. Must read for everyone irrespective of age and gender. This generation is lucky to have seen pandemic and hopefully learnt the valuable lessons much faster.

    1. I hope people have learnt some lessons….you know how we Indians are ..most of us have a very short memory span..
      Have a wonderful day 🙏

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