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A creative hobby is a companion for life. I realised the importance of having a hobby very late in life. In fact, I was nearly 45 years of age when the thought of having a hobby first struck me in real sense. Till then life just revolved around school, homework, exams, office schedules and the likes.

Picking up a hobby….

A hobby just cannot be picked up like that. It is a deliberate choice based on passion, attitude, and inclinations. My experience tells me it is not certainly easy top home on to a passion. It is something which naturally draws your interest, brings out the creativity in you, and will invariably stay with you for life.


I never considered myself to be good in expressing myself through written or verbal medium. With that sort of background, I do not know what motivated me to take to blog writing. I started writing blogs in 2012 and in no time started enjoying it. It has been a great learning experience thus far. I do not think anything can be better than expressing and sharing your thoughts and experiences. The fact that very few people read my blogs does not dampen my writing spirit. I just enjoy writing so will keep at it.


Another hobby which has captured my imagination off late is photography. It not just improves your creativity but also helps in admiring nature and people better. I am learning to see beauty in every being and everything around. I have seen the sun rising and setting so many times in life, but it appeared most beautiful when I saw it through a photographer’s eye. I fully understand that everything does not have to be seen through a lens, certain things are best absorbed through naked eyes. But still looking through a camera has its own unique charm. I am posting some examples of my amateur photography attempt. I am improving with every passing day and enjoying it more and more.

Nagoa beach Diu…..
Rann of Kutch….

Adding the positives….

Hobbies bring numerous positives to life. My hobbies have not just made me more imaginative but also introduced me to some lovely people, their lifestyles, and some brilliant ideas. Through travelogues I have travelled to so many places from the safe confines of my room. The major gain has been useful utilisation of my time. Now, I do not have to think about what to do when I have time. I either read, write, or indulge in photography. I may be alone but never lonely.

Friends, it is never too late to indulge in a hobby and discover your passion. Make a start and I assure you will definitely love it. Do also encourage your children to cultivate a worthwhile hobby. There is life beyond the schoolbooks and office routine.

Develop a good hobby….Keep sane all your life….

Lockdown…..Time to recover and re-discover…..


  1. I absolutely agree, there is more to life than books and routine! People need to explore new hobbies and as you mentioned, it is never too late! I am so happy I started to blog myself. I have blogged at random times in my life but decided last year, I wanted to commit myself to becoming a blogger again. It feels great to express myself with my creativity and positive messages to the world. As you mentioned, it also connects people like how we connected here! 🙂 🙂

  2. For a large part of my life, I was not comfortable in expressing myself verbally. That’s when I decided to write down daily journals and ultimately started blogging. I was able to resonate with your article!

    1. Good you found a way to express your thoughts…hobby is a must in life for a balanced growth.
      Stay blessed Utsa 🙏😇

  3. What a Beautiful post, spreading happy vibes!

    I loooooooooooved the gorgeous pictures! Keep writing and keep clicking!

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