Winnie …. you were more than a pet….

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My daughter is very fond of pets (dogs). Due to her love for pets they have been an integral part of our small family since long. We got our first pet in 2005 when she was 5 years of age. A well-bred white Labrador whom she named as Winnie. A well-groomed dog he was more than just being a pet. He was a family member totally dedicated to my daughter giving her company day and night. Unfortunately, we lost him to an incurable disease in Jun 2011. This left my girl shattered. She wanted him back in her life at whatever cost.

The girl and her inseparable partners….

It was her emotional state which led us to go in for another pet. We scouted around for few days for a puppy who was similar in looks to Winnie. Our search ended on 01 Jul 2011 when Winnie junior joined as the fifth member of the family.

The last birthday….

True to the legacy left behind by his senior, Winnie the junior also became a dedicated companion of my daughter. The two were just inseparable at home. As he grew up, Winnie took on the responsibility of being her Guard. No one with a bad intent could come anywhere near her when Winnie was around. He even did not tolerate my getting angry at my daughter. His expressions and growls showed it all. We were happy as no one could harm the girl as long as Winnie was around.

He never demanded anything. In fact, he was always happy with whatever he got and gave love without expectations. Her was always the first one to receive us whenever we came from anywhere outside. Pets always wait for you and do not sleep till you are home.

He always understood my mood and emotions. If my mood was not good, he will just sit at my feet silently stealing a look at me once a while just to check. He was an expert at mood enhancing, at bringing smile on the face. One smile was all it needed to get him all over you.

He had set his own boundaries. While he could curl up inside my daughter’s blanket and snore to glory, he never stepped on my bed. He never entered the kitchen and place of worship in the house.

Enjoying a drink!!!;

He was my companion when COVID and job constraints forced me to stay away from my family for a year. He played a big part in helping me maintain my sanity during the period of pandemic. Whenever stress level went high, he was there to bring in relief with his soft looks and playful actions.

All was going well when one fine day in September he stopped eating. Tests confirmed critical state of the kidneys. I consulted many doctors, but no one could help Winnie. He finally succumbed to the disease on 29 Sep21 just a day before I bid farewell to my profession.

The best friends…

His demise has left a big void in our lives which I do not think will ever get filled. This is the problem with having pets. They become so much part of our lives. But unfortunately, they have such a short span of life.

May you stay Happy wherever you are Dear friend. Thank you for the joy you brought and the company you gave. You will always be missed.

My pets ….My stress busters

September 2021– a month I will never forget


  1. reading this…..felt like our own story..they will always remain in memories……we too miss Lancer like he’ll… may Vinnie rest in peace.

    1. Right Sonika .pets always remain part of our life . ..thank you ..good to see you here.
      Stay blessed always πŸ™πŸŒΉπŸ™

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