September 2021– a month I will never forget

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Month of September has a special place in my life. September 2021 was more than special.


In the first week of Sep, I was busy with exams of a management course I was undergoing. You can well understand condition of a 56-year-old appearing in exams. Believe you me the institution did not show any leniency in the conduct. But I am happy to share that I managed to get a reasonably good result.

Birthday in Sonmarg….

Post the exams I decided to go on a family tour to Ladakh, a high-altitude desert region in North India. I will post the details of the travel experience in another post. At this moment would just like to say that it was a wonderful experience.

Mesmerizing valley….

I turned 56 on 19 Sep. We celebrated the day as a family in Sonmarg. (The gateway to Ladakh from Kashmir Valley). It was a perfect setting for celebration with a clear sky, near full moon, lovely river side and a beautiful weather. The place is just out of this world.

The beautiful moon…..

A friend bid Goodbye….

We were having a good trip in Ladakh when I got the news of my pet Winnie the Labrador falling sick. The tests revealed that the Kidneys had been badly infected. His condition deteriorated much faster than we anticipated. Despite the best of the treatment, he breathed his last on 29 Sep. He had been an integral part of our life last for more than 10 years. His death left us all heartbroken specially my daughter. Winnie had been her best friend last 10 years.



On 30 Sep I said final goodbye to the profession I had been part of last 35 years. Last more than 30 years life had revolved around the family and the profession. It will not be easy to lead a life minus the profession, I was so passionate about. Now I will have to work out a routine to keep myself creatively engaged and ensure my mind does not miss the professional life. I hope to keep myself engaged in social work and writing to remain sane.


I am back home now and hopefully will have enough time to continue with my hobby of writing. Though I will miss Winnie every single day. He was a real stress reliever. He was happy under any condition. Only time I saw pain on his face was in the last four days of his life. I am happy that he did not suffer too much because of the disease and passed away peacefully. May his soul Rest in Peace.

My pets ….My stress busters

Travel to learn, rejuvenate and building bonds


  1. Hi Krish, most awaited. Happy to see you back n read about your unforgettable moments of your trip and life. Belated happy Birthday. Awesome pictures of Laddahk. Sad to know about Winnie, I watched his pics ftom previous post you linked. Such an adorable he is. His departed soul may rest in peace 🙏🙏 see you again in future posts 🙏

  2. OMG😳
    you are 56 years old. I thought you would be my friend around just 20-25yrs. Btw, belated happy birthday sir Hope all your birthday wishes come true!☺

    1. Thank you so much for the good wishes
      Age is just a number , a psy barrier people alllow to rise.. stay blessed always 🙏🌹🙏

      1. There is nothing to hide or confide. I am 56 which is a fact . In couple of my earlier articles also I have spoken about my age .

      2. My comment was to infer that online one never knows how old anyone is without it being stated and since we all don’t personally know each other. I am equally as old. 🙏🏾

  3. Happy to hear that you had such a memorable month! 🙂 Happy belated birthday, I will never forget it because it is the same birthday as my childhood best friend! I’m sorry to hear about Winnie as I know he was a part of your family. I look forward to hearing how life will be after leaving your profession. Stay blessed always Krish! .

  4. Dear Sir….. Belated Belated Happy Birthday. Belated Congratulations for completing your innings successfully. And finally sorry for your loss ; I can understand your pain!! Well to summarise ….. Nice to read your blog again after some back. Welcome back sir and best wishes for the new colourful independent world. Regards

    1. Thank you so much Lalit…hopefully the new world will be more colourful. Safed baalon per har colour asaani se chad jaata hai…per jaroori nahin har rang unper achaa lage…let’s see😁😁☀️

  5. Happy belated, warmest, birthday to you, Krish. I wish you the very best of your new year. Sounds like you had a great getaway minus losing W. Sorry about that.
    Your sitting for an exam at 56 should be an inspiration to younger ones in your circle. You’re showing by example that anything can be done any time. Kudos to you.

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