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Photography and travelling go hand in hand as a hobby. Travelling manages to inspire the photographer hidden inside every traveler. The camera loaded mobile phones have further helped the cause of the travel photographers.

Travelling has been my only passion in life. It is natural that I have developed love for photography. I have now moved on from mobile phone cameras to a DSLR.

Various social media platforms are providing a place to the amateur photographers to showcase their skills. Instagram is leading this pack. I could not resist the temptation of opening an Insta account exclusively for sharing the pictures I click. My username is krisfotos2211 (the address being My main interest is in nature and monuments and my photographs showcase that on Instagram.

Please do visit my Instagram account. I am not a professional photographer, but I am sure you all will love the photos I click.

Here is a sample of photographs you will find on my account.

The Praying wheel…

Hobbyโ€ฆ. A companion for lifeโ€ฆ.

Why do I love photography?

Surviving the pandemic and thriving beyondโ€ฆ.

Travel to learn, rejuvenate and building bonds


    1. Thank you so much Anjali…Yes pic of India Gate had come out really well. I had clicked it from National War memorial.

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