Beautiful day..

It has been raining since early morning. As the downpour turned to a lovely drizzle could not resist walking into the kitchen garden.

IMG_20200726_074222The clouds… the usual sight now a days …


The lady finger… favourite….





 Taro root,  Bitter gourd, Tomatoes, Lemon grass, beans, Bottle gourd…..A healthy mix of vegetables, hopefully should last us through the pandemic… will be added as the season changes….that is what life is all about…….one goes another comes….

Author: krish

I am Krish ..... I believe that Life is beyond routine..... Having spent good part of my last 30 years of life in Human resource and material management , I am here to share my experience and gain from others...... My aim in life is just to be 'Me ' ...and be happy always...

7 thoughts on “Beautiful day..”

  1. Hey,you have a lovely kitchen garden.That’s full of fresh vegetables for you.Thanks for sharing with us the photographs ,it’s not possible to share the vegetables with millions of bloggers from a distance.👍🌹🙏

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  2. Good morning Sir,

    Vegetable growing in ur kitchen garden gives yourself satisfaction and happyness
    and test best.

    With Regards

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  3. Lucky you sir….a beautiful location, very looked after kitchen garden and finally the excellent weather. Wow….what’s else can you ask for. Regards

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