Somnath Temple…..The first of Jyotirlinga….

Veraval, home of Somnath temple, is where we headed for after a soul satisfying visit to Land of Krishna; Dwarka.  Veraval is located 235 kms from Dwarka and takes approximately four hours drive. We left from Dwarka post lunch as per our plans. The road journey is beautiful. At places, the road runs parallel to the sea which adds to the beauty. One can site … Continue reading Somnath Temple…..The first of Jyotirlinga….

Rani Ka Vav, Gujarat …. The best stepwell ….

Rani ka Vav at Patan Gujarat was the natural next destination for us after Sun Temple Modhera. It is just about 35 Kms from Modhera on the banks of River Saraswati. The stepwell was constructed by Rani Udyamati of the Solanki Kingdom. It was declared as a UNESCO heritage site in on 22 June 2014. Architecture…. Rani ka Vav is the finest and one of … Continue reading Rani Ka Vav, Gujarat …. The best stepwell ….

Sun Temple Modhera ….Simply awesome…..

Our first destination during the tour of Gujarat was Modhera, home to the Sun Temple. Modhera is a small town in North Gujarat, located on the banks of river Pashupati. Sun Temple is dedicated, as the name well suggests, to the Hindu God ‘Surya’- The Sun. The temple was constructed during the rule of King Bhima 1 of the Chalukya dynasty in 1026-1027 CE. The … Continue reading Sun Temple Modhera ….Simply awesome…..

Gujarat …. the vibrant state…..Beautiful India….

A tour of the state of Gujarat had been on my bucket list since long. I got a 10 days window and decided to convert the thought into action. The plans were made in a hurry. COVID enforced partial lockdown did help to an extent as reservations were easy to get and the family was together. 10 Jan was the day we took a final … Continue reading Gujarat …. the vibrant state…..Beautiful India….

Sikkim ….The garden of the Gods….

Sikkim is the smallest and the least populous state of India and lies in the Eastern Himalayas. My visits…. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful state in the country. I was fortunate to visit this state on number of occasions. The natural beauty of the place and the simplicity of the populace keeps pulling me back again and again. I will cover Sikkim … Continue reading Sikkim ….The garden of the Gods….