Success …. the self imposed limitations….

Success is what everyone seeks in life. Most relate success to money while for some it is the post they hold, or where they have reached in life. Following the dream…. Every child has a dream to begin with. However, in 99 % of cases the dream is left far behind and forgotten in the pursuit of a career. Life of a typical middle-class child … Continue reading Success …. the self imposed limitations….

Routine ….Success lies beyond it….

I am in the 56th year of my life. My experience says that most people allow routine to take over the daily life.  The mind falls in love with predictability and gets upset even at small diversions. It is true for people of almost all ages. Moving out of comfort zone…. We have grown up doing things in a particular way that even a thought of … Continue reading Routine ….Success lies beyond it….

Do not just live to dream….Live your dream….

It is said that ‘Life is a journey from what you are to what you want to be’. Wish life were all that simple, which everyone could understand and steered it the way they wanted. Unfortunately, a vast majority falter at the first step; most are not aware of their own capabilities and what they want to achieve in life.


Continue reading “Do not just live to dream….Live your dream….”

To Succeed….Learn to face rejections…

The success in life beyond graduation is basically dependent on a child’s ability to face failures. Unfortunately, very few parents prepare the child to face rejections in life. The Indian parents are no different from parents the world over. There are some who always go out of the way to protect the child, for them their child can do no wrong ever. These parents always … Continue reading To Succeed….Learn to face rejections…

Effective communication…..Key to success….

Communication is the key to success. Communication may be verbal or non-verbal, just expressions convey it all. Good communication skills are a must to convey a view point, to convince people. You may have the facts and logic right but if you are not able to put across it to the target […] Effective communication…..Key to success…. Continue reading Effective communication…..Key to success….