Being a Soldier….

The night was freezing cold, the temperature sub-zero as the 20 men set out one fine evening on a confirmatory patrol in a rugged high-altitude terrain far away from their base, to check whether all was well along the border.

The group of 20, whose roots lay in 10 different states of the country from Punjab, Himachal, Bihar, Bengal, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand to Madhya Pradesh, but in their veins flowed only Indian blood. The braves for whom surnames, caste, creed or religion had no relevance; the only religion they believed in is soldiering.

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Born pure….Why can’t we allow them to live pure?

I have had the good fortune of being in the hills on number of occasions; have not just traveled through but lived there for long periods.

One major difference between life in hills and the plains is the purity one experiences, the purity not just of the air or water but the complete environment as such, the major difference can be felt in the minds and thoughts; simple people, satisfied with basic necessities.  

Look at the rivers, most having their origin in the mountains; so pure, carefree it flows through the hills, and as it comes down being tamed by the dams to harness the energy and further down tons of pollutants get added through factory/ human waste, burning corpses and what not. The stream which originated so pure is turned into a garbage cum pollutant carrier due to human greed and neglect.

Come to think of it, human being undergoes similar changes from birth till death. A child at birth has such a pure mind, carefree in the initial years of growth and then the dams of education system, the beliefs of the elder and the outdated societal values come in between trying to pull the free flowing energy of the youth in their own directions. Parents and elders dictating education, career and marriage options and all possible attempts are made to pollute the mind through distorted historical facts, feeding ill-conceived beliefs, communal-ism, racism and what not. Majority of the youth lose the steam in the dams of life prepared for them by the elders and the society and just give in to living a routine life caught between job, family, and the societal beliefs.

A small group still manage to push through the dam with the brains still ticking and try not to exactly swim against but certainly away from the current. They try to define life on their own terms against stiff resistance of the old guard; some, termed as rebel, succeed while most perish in the big fight, but I am sure they do leave the world, satisfied that they tried.  

Yes, the river water produces electricity when blocked and channelized by the dam and so will the human mind and humanity prosper if the energy of the youth is guided into the right direction. Guide the youth and let him choose his own path; do not pollute the mind with hatred, outdated beliefs, and distorted facts. ‘It is these handful who swim away from the mainstream who generate the current and bring in the positive change in the society/ humanity’.


Educate; not just feed…..


The teachers are always running against time and hard pressed for completing the syllabus for respective classes but is all that effort actually worth it? Is all that effort actually leading to educating the mind , which it is supposed to? The syllabus are vast, so much to learn in a limited time followed by tests and tests and more tests to test the retention (certainly not understanding) capability of a child’s mind. Some schools and Board of Education go a step further and believe that more difficult the question paper better it is for testing the mind.

Damn it! Job of the schools and all these Education boards is to educate the minds and not just to ‘Test and grade’ . Marks can be obtained through rote learning( which most students resort to ) But education comes through understanding (There is no time to understand nor much efforts is made by schools/ teachers towards that). Ease out the syllabus, give time to teachers & students to make the teaching / learning process more practical.

‘Information by itself has little meaning unless the mind knows how to use it practically’.

Is our education system encouraging or killing creativity/ innovation????


My 17 years old daughter is a student of class 12 (Science student). In Indian subcontinent, the future of child is based on he/ she performs in class 12th (at least a majority of us would believe it to be true). As a parent, I want to empower my child with the power of decision making, have freedom of expression and imagination and most of all I want her to live life not to just survive. She is a go-getter, full of life with creativity and innovation being her passion. As she copes with her class 12 studies we are struggling to strike a right balance between ‘Her life” and her ‘School life’. Continue reading “Is our education system encouraging or killing creativity/ innovation????”