Own your Presentation…..Be Unique



Stage fright is something which most of us suffer from . Not many of us are comfortable being on a stage performing or delivering a talk to a large audience. could never overcome throughout my growing years. It was no different in my case. I was never under pressure for studies (Did reasonably well ) and was reasonably good in sports but getting on the stage was just a Big No for me. The fear of failure , of being laughed at, always got better of me and I avoided stepping on the stage throughout my school life. 

But destiny always has something different in store. The profession I chose for myself demanded public speaking , making presentations or stage performance in some form or the other. With no alternative available I was left with no choice but to question my fear. It was not easy going at all. Those days there were no computers and presentations were done with the help of Over Head Projectors ( OHPs) with slides made on foils. Preparing the slides was a specialised task in itself.

In the initial years I used to try and memorise the script to the best of my ability and squeezed in as much details on the slides as possible, to help out, just in case the memory failed. There was nothing natural about it; very little connect with the audience with the mind more focused on the next line then on the people. Body language was generally very defensive rather non-existent most of the times. But then one learnt from the mistakes and the computers also came in. 

The first lesson learnt was that presentations are not about memorising the script but more about owning the script. The script has to be well researched keeping in mind the mandate of the talk and the intellect level of the target audience. You cannot afford to be wrong with facts and names. Once you own the script you don’t have to worry about the audience and there may not be a need to carry a script on stage. 

Prepare well and develop your own unique style of delivery. Use the rostrum if you must , I do not like being bound behind a lecture stand. I feel more at ease , hands free for making gestures ( should be natural) . I personally do not like carrying any script for reference. One should be as natural as possible. This comes with practice and experience. 

Presentation has to be lively to keep the audience interested / engaged for the desired length of time and driving home the point. The best way is to keep the talk short and simple. Reading from a script is likely to cut off the audience. It’s the novelty and the uniqueness which will hold the attention of the people. 

Use slides if you wish but keep the text to the minimum. Ensure the fonts are readable by the audience. If you have used some quotes or data, give time to the audience to read. Use some good, relevant pictures / movie clips if you can. 

Humour, wherever used should be natural and relevant to the subject being covered. Examples should be contemporary, to make the presentation realistic. The younger generation cannot generally relate to the examples from history or mythology. 

Confidence flows from preparation. Good research of the topic and the audience will go a long way in preparation of an effective presentation. 

“Be unique , Prepare well…..You will never fail in catching the imagination of the audience”

Write your own Destiny….

destiny 1


It was the month of Nov in the year 1993. I was to travel from my home town to New Delhi , by train. Those days my home town Mhow ( India) used to be connected only by a Metre Gauge( MG ) Rail track year and one had to travel to Indore, nearest Railway station having Broad Gauge rail connection by a MG train, to travel to most other parts in India . It was a journey of just about 45 minutes by a passenger train from Mhow to Indore. There were two trains from Indore to New Delhi, departing at 3 pm and 5.15 pm respectively, every evening. I was to board the Express train, from Indore, leaving at 3 pm. A passenger train leaving at 1.45 pm in the afternoon provided a suitable connectivity , as it reached Indore at  2 .30 pm , giving the passengers a reasonable time of 30 minutes for changing over to the Express Train. 

I had been using this train connection to travel to New Delhi since years and there never had been any problem , there was never a cause for anxiousness. But that day in Nov 1993 was to be different. I boarded the passenger train , from Mhow , on schedule at 1.45 pm , and as luck would have been , the engine power failed midway , and the train reached Indore only at 4 pm , well after the departure of the Express train I was to board . The road connecting Mhow to Indore , runs nearly parallel to the rail track , and many passengers, anticipating the delay and chances of missing the train from Indore, got down from the passenger train and got onto any available vehicle going to Indore , to reach in time for the Express train. Somehow, my elder brother, who was travelling with me up to Indore, convinced me of not attempting anything adventurous with the reasoning that even if I missed the first train there was an alternative available at 5.15 pm . We waited and finally reached Indore at 4 pm and I managed to board the next train at 5.15 pm. I reached New Delhi at 6 am in the morning quite oblivious of the fact that the train I was originally scheduled to board from Indore at 3 pm had met with an accident enroute and not reached Delhi . It was only when I made a call to my home to confirm my safe arrival at Delhi that I learnt of the train accident. 

It was then that I decided never to rush in life, not to try and run ahead of my destiny. One should give a logical best to everything they try but not to the extent that the risk may lead to a permanent loss, unless there is a question of life and death and the only chance of survival is by taking that risk.

As we move in life, in pursuit of our destiny, we get enough warning signs when we are going wrong ; take note , understand and take corrective measures. There is no harm in even taking a U-Turn when you hit a dead end and start all over again. Destination should not change the route can. 

“Do not give up” does not mean banging the head against a wall. It means logically analysing the actions you are taking to reach the destination, at each stage, and taking corrective measures. It’s better to reach late than to never make it. Staying focused in no ways means fixated ideas . Flexibility in plans is as much a necessity for ensuring success as risk taking ability is. 

“Stay focused on your dream ….

Have flexibility in plans ….

Read the warning signs as they flash….

Take corrective measures as deemed fit….

You will reach the destination ….”

You are born to be a Winner……Stop making excuses…Get going….


 You are born to be a winner, born to achieve your dreams / desire. No one, other than your own fears, can stop you from reaching your goal. This will become possible only if you stay focused on the goal . 

Invest your time in arming yourself with the experience, knowledge required to facilitate you in realising your dream. You cannot expect to sleep your way to the top. Even if you were born with a silver spoon still you will have to put in sustained efforts to continuously progress and sustain your position. You have to put in extra effort, burn midnight oil to gain that knowledge. 

There will always be people around, may be some of whom you consider your best friends; discouraging you, trying to demotivate you, wanting you to give up your dream. Surprisingly, the biggest culprits are the parents and teachers. The main responsibility of the parents and teachers is to help the child realise his true potential however in most cases they only attempt to put in too much caution in the mind of the child in the bargain making him risk averse . Attempts are made from very early stage of life to guide the child towards particular professions , dreams are being curbed. Your life is your own responsibility . Whatever you will achieve has to be on your own strength. Where you want to reach has to be your call , solely your decision. “Listen to people , friends but make your own decisions. Once you are yourself convinced of your passion it will not be very difficult to convince others,the difficult part is convincing yourself of what you want to achieve and that you are capable of achieving it” . 

Do what you love. But before taking a final call on what you want to pursue , analyse does it make you happy and more than that for how long will it make / keep you happy ? If the ans is “Yes it will make me happy ( no matter what the end result is )” , by all means follow it . Many of us seek short term happiness and lose the plot . There is nothing wrong in seeking short term happiness provided the final goal is not lost sight of. 

Life is not limited to being a doctor , Engineer , Chartered Accountant , a management expert or a Lawyer. It’s your choice to serve a boss or serve humanity at large. You can be a doctor / engineer and the like and still follow your love of music , singing, adventure or whatever you want. 

You cannot blame others or circumstances for your failure to follow or realise your dream. Failures will be there , but they should not stop you. Failures happen to guide you on to the right path. Looking for excuses and giving up is easy , but “Success comes to those who take ownership of their failures , analyse them and infuse fresh energy and mind to overcome the hurdles”. 

Fear of failure will always be there. Whenever you are confronted by fear reason with yourself , why should you? What will happen if you fail ? Will it be the end? Or you have the strength to start all over again and go after your dream? The ans will come from within. Just be logical , give yourself time. No fear is bigger than your dream. These are small obstacles which many before you have crossed and you are not inferior to anyone. “Financial / educational background , caste , colour , creed doesn’t matter in the pursuit of happiness”. 

People who have realised their dreams had nothing special in them. They are also normal human beings like anyone else. The only difference between them and others is the ‘GO’ they had in them . The never say die attitude , not giving up for any reason. “They did not look for excuses , they searched for ans” . 

So Get up , get going , You will reach your destination . It may take time but reach you will.


“No one has slept his way to success …..

Prepare hard , work hard, keep going”

Discover Yourself ….. You are Awesome….

“The first step in making a dream come true……is to decide what you want……once a decision has been made….put your heart and mind in achieving it…….there will be struggles , obstacles……. stay focused……let not your mind waver …never ever give up…….you will live your dream”

Have you realised your true potential? Have you achieved what you could or rather are you even aware ofwho am i what you were capable of achieving? Most of us love to work from our comfort zones and are not comfortable with the idea of venturing out ….doing something different….or doing things in a different way. This happens for variety of reasons which may include fear of failure, not wanting to take risks , averse to change  or may be sheer laziness. We have to understand that all of us are unique and have the ability to perform /achieve much more than we think we can. Let us try and analyse the factors which may help one in achieving his / her true potential.

The first step is to understand and accept yourself the way you are ; your capabilities and shortcomings. Once you understand your strengths and weaknesses, it will become easier for you to focus and work on them , to exploit your strengths and to improve upon your weaknesses. Be clear in your mind , unless you accept a weakness ,you cannot find a solution for it. A critical self- appraisal , feedback / interaction with colleagues and may be support of an experienced coach ( in case of students ; may be the help of teachers and parents) will help in this area.

Once you have understood your strengths and weaknesses , the next logical step will be to invest in self- improvement. Self- investment is a must in the area of health , building up your knowledge base , honing up your skills and your personal grooming. While talent may be natural, God’s gift, but it is only of any good if supported by good skills. You may be having a good voice but unless you rehearse / practice regularly under a good coach , you may not become an established singer and just remain part of the chorus.

Personal grooming , is one area , which normally gets neglected. Personal behaviour, the way you conduct yourself , the way you walk and talk and look , all matters in your growth , both personal and professional. Combination of well groomed manners, smart looks and a ticking brain under the neat hairstyle is always a winning combination. Presentation matters , but what matters most is a well packaged presentation which is beautifully laid out, has novelty and brimming with logical professional content.

Once you have invested in personal your growth , you will be comfortable working anywhere , anytime and not limit yourself to so called comfort zones. Once this happens , nothing will stop you from achieving your true potential. The aim should be break free from the comfort zones , the earlier you do ,better it will be.

Have a dream and follow it relentlessly, the flame of passion should keep burning till you have realised your goal. Do not be averse to taking risks or stop yourself from doing things differently because of fear of failure. Remember the good old saying “No success is the last and no failure is fatal”. Once you have prepared well, chances of failures are negligible and even if you do not achieve what you intended , there is always a second time. Once you have taken home correct lessons from the first failure , nothing will stop you from achieving your goal the next time , you only got to be persistent and focused.

Maintain a positive attitude and this is only possible if you have prepared well  (invested well in yourself) and have faith in your abilities .You start anything with faith in yourself , ability of your team and your plans chances of failure are negligible but if you start anything with a doubt ,chances of success are remote. Maintain your cool and be calm under all conditions, do not ever let the stress get the better of you.

Be selective in the company you keep. Company matters in what you can achieve. Have a selective team of advisers , friends and colleagues(team members) , who will be there with you in your endeavours. There has to be mutual trust and understanding between all team members. Remember “Success of any team depends on how well each member inspires , motivates and co-operates with each other………….manipulations , complaints and blame are recipes for failures”.

You were born unique , to achieve something different , to be unusual , to do things differently. Prepare well , step out of your comfort zone, take risks , keep your feet moving and mind ticking …success will be yours.  

“Do not try to fit in…….you are different…. you are unique……you were not born to be someone else…you were born to be awesome”.







Be the First….Be Unique….Doesn’t matter much whether you are the Best or Not….


Be the best is what we are told right from our school days. How long can one continue to be the best forever ? The competition is stiff and maintaining the top spot is not easy and then it’s not a necessity that the one on top is actually the best , there are numerous other factors which may propel one to the top spot. The other day I was listening to Jack Ma, the co-founder of Alibaba Group and he said aim to be the first not the best and it did make a lot of sense.

More than being the best what actually matters is being the first to grab an opportunity , being the first to get an idea , being the first to execute that idea . What will make you stand out is being unique , being different. Being first , being unique is what helps in beating the competition. When you are unique you don’t have to bother about others because the products or services they are offering are totally different from yours . You have your own Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

When you are first , you are ahead of the competition. Your uniqueness will always appeal to your target population. By the time others catch up with your idea or try to better it you have already made your mark and on way to diversifying and improving further. It is the first who is always remembered , who is always referred to or quoted. Whole world will know the name of first man or woman who climbed Mount Everest ,but hardly anyone will know the name of the person who was the fastest to climb . Same is the case of new products being launched . The first , sets the trend and the others are compared to it.

Being first doesn’t mean that you try and implement an idea without proper thought . An idea has to be reasonably analysed and then comes in your risk taking ability , your capacity to experiment and the strength to face the failure. Maintain your uniqueness , you may have got an idea from an existing product or product make it your own by infusing your mind into it .Your imprint , uniqueness should be clearly visible.

“Aim to do your best , be the first , be unique,

Doesn’t matter whether you are the best ,

Your uniqueness will carry you through”.

“Make your uniqueness your USP”

“Be ready to pay the price ….To realise a dream”



We all set goals in life , what we want to achieve, where we want to see ourselves in a given time frame but then why most of us fail to achieve what we started with the aim of achieving.

One of the reason for the failures, I found, was that in most cases actually the goals set are not our own, we don’t actually own them. A child, from early years, is being generally directed by the parents, teachers / elders towards a set goal and the child mentally starts accepting that’s what he wants to achieve or that’s what he wants to be.
His own dream remains buried deep down in his thoughts not allowed to flourish for various reasons.

As the child grows and gets into the professional field he gets exposed to the world and realises that’s not what he was born to do, his heart and mind is somewhere else. But not many have the heart to take that decision or the risk to change over and continues trying to excel in something he / she never actually loved. They try to adjust to the environment they are not comfortable with, and the goal post changes.

Not many parents / teachers encourage the child to take decisions, whereas the main aim of education , formal / informal , should be to empower the child with decision making abilities .By the time he understands decision making , he thinks its too late to take the risk of change and generally compromises. You compromise and the dream will be dead.

It’s not an easy task to realise the purpose of one’s life, what one wants to be. Some may get the enlightenment very early in life while most may take years and there is nothing wrong in it. The day you realise it , start working for it . Have the heart to follow your dream . The inability to follow the heart, the dream , is solely the failure of the individual and no one else can be blamed for it.

The issue of financial safety and security is drilled deep in our brains as we grow up. We are generally risk averse .We are not ready to pay the price attached to realising the dream. The price may be in the form of money , time or extra effort.

A dream like having a ‘Startup” may include the price of losing the security of present job, if you already have one. The risk of failure and losing all money will always be attached to it. Your family may also have to struggle along with you . Are they ready for it or are you ready to make them go through it? The dream may be a non-starter for want of finances or inability to take risks.

A dream of being a good mountaineer, having a good body and the like will require sacrifices of having a strict time and diet regimens . Getting up early and putting in extra hours over and above as required for your daily routine commitments. Specialised training over a long period under expert supervision. Only a truly dedicated person will succeed where the majority are bound to fail or just give up.

Simple dreams of being a singer, musician a dancer will require hard training over a sustained period of time. Many may just back out for reasons of time.

For a dream to be realised the basic requirement is a strong mind and heart. You have to make your decision after a deliberate thought and analysis. Be ready to face the risk not caring about what others may think. Be ready to put in that extra effort or burn the midnight oil as you train hard. Stay focused , not wavering in the face of odds. Chart your own path when no one seems to be giving you company. You will fall not once but many times, have the ability to get up and move on.

A dream should never be solely linked to making money . A dream is more related to being happy, getting satisfaction, than just make money.

“Be ready to pay the price ….To realise a dream”


Walking the Ramp…..



walk the ramp

The other day I had an opportunity of witnessing a fashion show . I am not very fond of such shows but an exception was made this time around on persistence of my wife and daughter.

Many young girls ( Models ) walked the ramp attired in outfits of two famous Indian designers . Well , the dresses did not impress me much but I will be truthful in accepting that the young ladies caught my attention and not just because they were beautiful ( I am a firm believer that any girl born in our great country is born beautiful and beauty is not skin deep ) but what impressed me most was the attitude of the models walking the ramp. The glare of lights , cameras and hundreds of eyes glued on their faces ( some on dresses too ) the ladies walked the ramp as if nothing existed . It was just between them and the ramp , the people ,and lights were non existent. Looking straight , carrying a lovely expression they walked across confidently not showing even an iota of nervousness. The fear of a rare dress malfunction or tripping over the sarees ( Indian dress) or the lovely long skirts ( Lehangas) not showing at all , but I am sure it must be playing on their mind as they walked. They were hardly getting just about a minute to change from one attire to another. They were so focused on the given task ( or may be to an extent on the camera ) and nothing else mattered . I would say it was a perfect display of a “Tunnel Vision” . Nothing / no one else existed, just the ramp , cameras and they. One understands the amount of hard work, preparations, rehearsals which would have gone into putting up the fashion show together. The young ladies specially must be going through a grilling regimen to qualify to walk on the ramp specially for big brands. They all walked tall that evening and am sure will walk tall in their life.

That’s what life is all about ; a dream, detailed preparations, focus , hard work , persistence and perseverance. It’s just like walking the ramp.There will be hundreds of distractions , competitors trying to way lay you and the fear of tripping over /  failure of the idea but you have to remain focused on your aim. Have the ability to get up if you fall or attempt again if you fail. No failure is final, till you actually give up. May be a ‘tunnel vision’ is a requirement to reach the end of the tunnel. Do not let the flame of passion get extinguished for any reason. What goes inside the mind should seldom be reflected on the face. Your team should always see a confident leader standing in front of them, who they are sure will lead them through hell.

“Be a model …a ‘Role Model’ for your team….Walk the Ramp with them …..lead them through the ups and down till the light at the end of the tunnel is reached….”

Stress …There are ways to Deal…..

stressStress will always there you like it or not, what matters is how one deals with it. Students are under stress because of studies and competitions , parents are under stress constantly worrying for future of their kids and then there is the work related stress ever on the increase. Number of lives are being lost because they were not able to handle the stress.

Why is the stress related incidents ever on the rise be it in studies or at work? The reasons are not difficult to find. Lets take the case of students first , most of them take up subjects in school or college not because they liked them but generally because they did not like the other subjects on offer or their parents / elders in family wanted them to pursue particular subjects. The choices are generally limited to subjects facilitating joining the field of Engineering , Medical , Chartered Accountant ,  or Law . Irrespective of the fact whether the child wants to take these subjects or not whether he has an aptitude/ love for these professions he has to pursue these subjects in school or college .The child is offered very little choice in most cases rather to be true he is hardly given an option. This is the first cause of stress .The child  tries to master a subject in which he may have no interest at all. To achieve that he will be made to cut down his leisure hours , give up love of sports / drama / music and may even stick to books during weekends or holidays. There are hardly any diversions or breaks , just study and study. Then there is the pressure of performing in competitive exams , the fear of not being able to make it in the merit which adds to the stress manifold.

Once the child is through the exams and the competitive exams he may end up in a profession he has no love or aptitude for. There again he will get into the cycle of long working hours , no breaks ,to meet the targets and deadlines. Very little time for family which may further add to stress . If both husband and wife are working in similar conditions then there is hardly any time for each other or relatives / friends/ social commitments. Most just wait for the weekend to unwind , but hardly get time to socialise. Money starts mattering the most . Success is counted in terms of salary not satisfaction or peace of mind. To earn more money more hours are dedicated to work leaving still lesser for anything else.jects in school or college .The child is offered very little choice in most cases rather to be true he is hardly given an option. This is the first cause of stress .The child  tries to master a subject in which he

How does one overcome this stress syndrome. The ans is love. Anything / anyone you love hardly ever causes stress. Just do what you love. Find your purpose , your passion and follow it. The passion will itself work as an inspiration or motivator . You won’t have to look outside for motivation . In school let the child make the selection of subjects he wants to study. Let him select his own future. Parents and elders may guide and give in their inputs based on experience but let the child make his own decision. Let the child follow his passion . Why try to make him a doctor or engineer when all that he wants to do is play a guitar or be an actor.

It is well understood that there is no substitute for hardwork in any field but then one must also understand that there is no substitute for socialising , interaction and networking. Balance your work life between these. Take breaks regularly to rejuvenate ,re-energise. Have a good hobby to divert your mind from the work stress.You will face any stress with a smile.he will get into the cycle of long working hours , no breaks ,to meet the targets and deadlines. Very little time for family which may further add to stress . If both husband and wife are working in similar conditions then there is hardly any time for each other or relatives / friends/ social commitments. Most just wait for the weekend to unwind , but hardly get time to socialise. Money starts mattering the most . Success is counted in terms of salary not satisfaction or peace of mind. To earn more money more hours are dedicated to work


No Setback is Permanent Unless You Want It To Be…..


All of us have dreams , all of us fall in love and all of us face failures / rejections at some point of time in our life .

It is very common to find two students / co – workers falling madly in love at first sight . They appear to be totally inseparable till one day you find one of them gloomy , sulking in a corner , missing classes / neglecting work because the other has walked out of the relationship . Reason for break up can be any but it certainly leads to heart breaks , a period of feeling low follows in which nothing appeals or looks good.

The one who has supposedly walked out continues to live a normal life, maybe finds new love or a new passion ( human , material or career).But the one who feels let down , dumped or may be rejected normally gets into a shell , refuses to be part of the routine( for at least a reasonable period of time ). This just not adversely affects life in general but takes toll on the health and most of all affects the performance in the academics or work .The longer you continue to sulk the more unfair you are being to yourself. Your low mood doesn’t matter to the other person

( if it mattered he wouldn’t have done what he did) . Rather it doesn’t matter to anyone on this earth other than to you or your near and dear ones. You are ruining your life . Can you ruin your life for a person who doesn’t even care? No you can’t , heaven has not come crashing down , get up , collect yourself and get going again.

This is that time of life when good friends , hobbies and a resilient attitude comes in most handy. Yes, a break up / rejection will affect your mental condition but keep the period to minimal. It’s not difficult, that person did not deserve you , better things / better company awaits you . But you will only find it if you come out of your shell and cut down the period of self pity. Spend time with good friends who will alleviate your mood and support you in this hard time. This is where a hobby is most helpful. Whatever hobby you have , a creative one like writing , painting , music , cooking whatever , indulge in it .You will find yourself getting out of the lows in no time. Do not run away from the situation , face it , overcome it. Get back to your books or work . Do what you love. You were not born to start sulking and get into dumps at the first setback . You may face many such setbacks / rejections in life . Take them in your stride , analyse what probably went wrong and do not commit the same mistake again.

No setback is permanent , persevere , be resilient and you will overcome it…..


Life is beyond Routine….


All of us get so tied up with habits and routine in life , that any change is always generally resisted. We have grown up doing things in a particular way that even a thought of doing it differently evokes a negative response from the brain. We have our comfort zones within which we usually want to live. It’s not just about doing a thing in a particular way but we get used to timings as also wanting to see things in a particular place and any change in that immediately sets in a negative motion.

Routine is in fact good, in a way, that it brings in discipline in life and if followed religiously ensures things are done at the given time in the prescribed way. Following a set routine creates less stress and gives us a feeling of safety . But is it good for growth…..personal and professional?

Boredom is likely to set in if we go on following a particular routine over and over again. If we do not think beyond routine and break away from our comfort  zones, it will be difficult to achieve anything extraordinaire. Here I would like to give the example of my daughter , a class 7th student than. One fine on her return from school , she announced that she was participating in the school athletics championship, for which she was required to go for practice every morning to school at 6 am. We as parents were not in favour of it but knowing our daughter very well , it was so difficult to get her out of bed daily even at 6.30 am to make her reach the school at 7.15 am just in time for morning assembly, we were sure she will give up after initial days of practice. But we were proven wrong and the child went for practice every single day for next two months and went on to become the best athlete of the school. She could do it as she had decided to break her routine and step out of her comfort zone ( in fact her bed at 5 am every morning) which would have certainly increased her stress levels also. So the success can b attributed to breaking the routine, increasing the stress level ( up to an acceptable level) and , offcourse dedicated practice, health condition and motivation .Similarly ,to achieve success in any field including increase in production a risk ahs to be taken to break the routine and increase the stress level.

Breaking the routine doesn’t mean doing something extra ordinary on the first day itself. One should keep attempting different things and different ways of doing things at small level to break the routine , may not be every day , but whenever opportunity comes. Development / nurturing of good creative hobbies also help in breaking the routine. Drawing , singing , painting , playing an instrument all help in keeping the mind active and fresh. Taking a break ,going on vacations also provide a break from routine but may not involve taking risks and certainly no increase in stress level. However, they provide a break from the monotonous routine and re-energise you to get back into routine once again with renewed energy.

We have to understand that how so ever we may try , life will not run as a routine. There will always be situation forcing us out of our routine. Deviations we take at regular intervals prepare us to face these situations , how so ever stressful they may be , with relative ease.

Stepping out of the comfort zone at regular intervals thus helps in following ways :-

–       To achieve something new or beyond routine.

–       Get our mind and body used to dealing with increased stress.

–       Help us in keeping the mind and body energised and creative.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the one’s you did do,

So throw away he bowlines, sale away from the safe harbour, catch the trade winds in your sail,

Explore , dream ,discover”