Lessons I learnt during my life journey….

I was just 21 when I was fortunate to have joined a thoroughly professional organisation without much struggle. 34 years have passed since then and believe you me the life journey has been ‘happening’ to say the least. The never-ending struggle I see today’s generation going through right from school days makes me feel sad. The new generation always seem to be running against time. … Continue reading Lessons I learnt during my life journey….

Beautiful Sunday ….Have a great week ahead…

March is coming to an end and what a weekend it is because the festival of Holi around the corner. May your Sunday be blessed, full of colors and the week/ month ahead be great. Dear friends may you stay happy, safe, blessed and never be lonely. Be original ….Have a blessed Sunday ☺️ Continue reading Beautiful Sunday ….Have a great week ahead…

Success …. the self imposed limitations….

Success is what everyone seeks in life. Most relate success to money while for some it is the post they hold, or where they have reached in life. Following the dream…. Every child has a dream to begin with. However, in 99 % of cases the dream is left far behind and forgotten in the pursuit of a career. Life of a typical middle-class child … Continue reading Success …. the self imposed limitations….

Hobby…. A companion for life….

A creative hobby is a companion for life. I realised the importance of having a hobby very late in life. In fact, I was nearly 45 years of age when the thought of having a hobby first struck me in real sense. Till then life just revolved around school, homework, exams, office schedules and the likes. Picking up a hobby…. A hobby just cannot be … Continue reading Hobby…. A companion for life….

Routine ….Success lies beyond it….

I am in the 56th year of my life. My experience says that most people allow routine to take over the daily life.  The mind falls in love with predictability and gets upset even at small diversions. It is true for people of almost all ages. Moving out of comfort zone…. We have grown up doing things in a particular way that even a thought of … Continue reading Routine ….Success lies beyond it….

Gir National Park …. Home of the Asiatic Lion…..

Gir National Park, home to the Asiatic Lion was our next destination. Sasangir is located approximately 70 km from the Nagao beach in Diu. We left from Diu at 5 pm and it took us nearly three hours to cover the 90 kms to reach our place of stay for the night at Gir. The road is narrow and not very well maintained as for … Continue reading Gir National Park …. Home of the Asiatic Lion…..

Rann of Kutch …. beauty beyond imagination….

Rann of Kutch was next on our itinerary after a visit to the amazing Rani Ki Vav. Rann – the white desert, as it is popularly called is one of the largest salt deserts in the world. The journey…. We left from Ahmedabad in a hired Mahindra Marazzo (SUV) at 10 am in the morning. We had a long distance to travel to reach Bhuj … Continue reading Rann of Kutch …. beauty beyond imagination….

My pets ….My stress busters

Studies after studies the world over have brought out the positive role of pets in the management of human stress. As far back as as my memory takes me, there was always a pet dog at our home. All my life I have been fond of dogs but understood the real meaning of the role they could play in grooming my personal life quite late. … Continue reading My pets ….My stress busters