Rann of Kutch …. beauty beyond imagination….

Rann of Kutch was next on our itinerary after a visit to the amazing Rani Ki Vav. Rann – the white desert, as it is popularly called is one of the largest salt deserts in the world. The journey…. We left from Ahmedabad in a hired Mahindra Marazzo (SUV) at 10 am in the morning. We had a long distance to travel to reach Bhuj … Continue reading Rann of Kutch …. beauty beyond imagination….

My pets ….My stress busters

Studies after studies the world over have brought out the positive role of pets in the management of human stress. As far back as as my memory takes me, there was always a pet dog at our home. All my life I have been fond of dogs but understood the real meaning of the role they could play in grooming my personal life quite late. … Continue reading My pets ….My stress busters

Gratitude 2020 …Life beyond the pandemic

2020 is finally coming to an end and what a year it has been. Unique by all means. The pandemic adversely affected the life of one and all. But still, I have a lot to be thankful for. The health issues…. For me the year 2020 started with a bang; got orders to move to a new place. Before I could move, I was hospitalised … Continue reading Gratitude 2020 …Life beyond the pandemic

Deepawali …. winning the battle within…

Festival of Deepawali celebrated across India by people of all religion symbolises victory of good over evil. As per mythology Lord Rama reached back Ayodhya (His Kingdom) on this day after completion of his 14 years exile and vanquishing Ravana in a bitter battle at Lanka.

This day happened to be a New moon day (No moon). Residents had lit up their houses with the help of earthen lamps to welcome the prince (Rama). People in the present day have started using electric lights along with earthen lamps to commemorate the occasion. People burst crackers too to express happiness. Deepawali remains associated with cleanliness and lights.

happy Diwali
Continue reading “Deepawali …. winning the battle within…”

Marriage …A blissful journey

Marriage, men and maturity share a very close bond because the way most men mature post the marriage is just amazing. I had led a life of a happy bachelor till the age of 32 till I met my ‘Dream Girl’ and the life took a turn for ‘better’. Marriage does bring in a lot of change. My Dream Girl….Zara Tasveer se Tu Nikalker Saamne … Continue reading Marriage …A blissful journey

Setting a goal…. shifting goal post….

Setting a goal is as important as scoring in the game. I got the ball deep inside our half. Exchanging quick passes and exhibiting some deft dribbling me and my team mate managed to get past five players of the opponent team. As I raised my head to kick the ball into the goal to my surprise the goal post shifted. As I ran to … Continue reading Setting a goal…. shifting goal post….

Investments which matter most…..

Most of us Indians are obsessed with two types of investments. Investing the youth in education to get a good secure job or setting up a business. After that investing the life in the job or business to sustain it. Apparently, there is nothing wrong in this approach but are they succeeding in the real sense? Yes, they may be able to earn more money … Continue reading Investments which matter most…..

Lockdown…..Time to recover and re-discover…..

I was fortunate that lockdown did not affect my professional life even for day . However, same could not be said of my social life. I spent the initial 15 odd days of after office time indoors. Two weeks and I decided enough is enough, life has to get back on track. The fear all around was a restricting factor. I could not allow my … Continue reading Lockdown…..Time to recover and re-discover…..

Cigarette smoking and life lessons….

Cigarette must be the only consumable which is officially permitted to be sold and consumed by any national government and carries an official warning ‘Cigarette smoking is injurious to health’. A large section of populace indulges in smoking knowing fully well that smoking may even lead to early and painful death. One can learn very important life lessons from these cigarette smokers if one wants … Continue reading Cigarette smoking and life lessons….