COVID ….Race between the vaccine and the virus….

It was on 24 Mar 2020 that PM of India announced the first nationwide lockdown. How our lives were affected by COVID induced lockdown is well known to everyone. Some lost lives while many lost livelihoods. The strict lockdown continued till June/ Jul when economic requirements prevailed over the health issues. Indiscipline is the norm…. By Oct 2020 it appeared as if the spread of … Continue reading COVID ….Race between the vaccine and the virus….

I was slim…. but not exactly fit….

I have always maintained a slim athletic body. One thing which I just cannot stand is a bulging tummy. The slim is fit façade…. I have always followed a more or less set routine around which my life daily life revolves. I do take breaks from routine to ease out or travel. But within a given day the routine is set. As someone who believed … Continue reading I was slim…. but not exactly fit….

Beautiful day..

It has been raining since early morning. As the downpour turned to a lovely drizzle could not resist walking into the kitchen garden. The clouds… the usual sight now a days … The lady finger… favourite….          Taro root,  Bitter gourd, Tomatoes, Lemon grass, beans, Bottle gourd…..A healthy mix of vegetables, hopefully should last us through the pandemic… will be added as … Continue reading Beautiful day..

What is your net worth???

I felt a bit of irritation in my left eye last Saturday and attributed it to maybe a dust particle, however, by Sunday morning the irritation had turned into a real pain and the complete eye had turned red.  A visit to the doctor revealed swelling in the tissue which required a treatment for about a week to recover fully, during which the vision also … Continue reading What is your net worth???