Every person you meet is not your friend….

A true friend is like a diamond, he/she is forever. Everyone I meet in my daily life and spend time with is not necessarily my friend. Yes, time is an important factor in friendship, but again the person whom I have known the longest may not be my friend. Friends…associates…colleagues… One got to learn to differentiate between friends, relations, acquaintances and colleagues. While I may … Continue reading Every person you meet is not your friend….

Invest in friends…..Get constant positive returns…. 

Friendship is the only relationship one makes by choice. It transcends all boundaries, there is no discrimination of gender, class, caste, region, religion, colour or age. Friendship is all about two people clicking, commonality of thoughts and attitudes is what develops it into an everlasting bond. Two friends may or may not be related by blood; siblings, cousins, spouses, neighbours, classmates, colleagues in office or fellow passengers in the same train daily, there is no limit. Today, a friendship may even start online and flourish. It is all about developing a comfort level where two people are willing to care and share without expectations. 

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