Corona …. Some Dos and Don’ts….

1.31 lakh new Corona cases have been reported today from across India, the virus is certainly spreading fast. Partial lockdown has been enforced in many Indian states. More than corona what is giving more tension to the public is the thought of complete lockdown being enforced. If one goes by the experience of last one year it will not be long before state governments will … Continue reading Corona …. Some Dos and Don’ts….

COVID ….Race between the vaccine and the virus….

It was on 24 Mar 2020 that PM of India announced the first nationwide lockdown. How our lives were affected by COVID induced lockdown is well known to everyone. Some lost lives while many lost livelihoods. The strict lockdown continued till June/ Jul when economic requirements prevailed over the health issues. Indiscipline is the norm…. By Oct 2020 it appeared as if the spread of … Continue reading COVID ….Race between the vaccine and the virus….

An affair with Corona …..

I had my first fleeting encounter with the beautiful Ms Corona on 10 Mar. Though I had managed to pull myself out just in the nick of time but her body fragrance, the sensation generated by her warm touches just refused to leave me. She was certainly the lady I had spent half my life fantasising about. Eight long months passed since the chanced encounter … Continue reading An affair with Corona …..