Good communication….the lockdown lessons

Communication is the backbone on which depends the strength of the family/ personal relationships. My previous blog on importance of communication in organisations had drawn some really good responses from the readers. A dear friend wrote ‘No soft skill course taught me the ability to give a controlled and logical response to a contentious question as realistically I have learnt during my 24 X 7 … Continue reading Good communication….the lockdown lessons

Communication ….An art worth mastering…

Communication is what makes or mars a relationship, professional or personal. It may be very easy for a child or a junior to tell the parent or the senior ‘You are not understanding’. But it is certainly not very easy for the senior to digest/ accept it. Same thing put across a little differently like ‘Maybe I have not been able to explain it to … Continue reading Communication ….An art worth mastering…

Starting and sustaining a conversation…..

I have said it before in different blogs that I was a shy child, preferred my own space and to an extent my own company unless some close friends were around who were far and few. The way that I was it was always a difficult proposition for me to start a conversation with a stranger or for that matter even known people with whom … Continue reading Starting and sustaining a conversation…..

Effective communication…..Key to success….

Communication is the key to success. Communication may be verbal or non-verbal, just expressions convey it all. Good communication skills are a must to convey a view point, to convince people. You may have the facts and logic right but if you are not able to put across it to the target […] Effective communication…..Key to success…. Continue reading Effective communication…..Key to success….

Are you ‘Original’ or are you a ‘Copy’?

In every class in a school there are intelligent and not so intelligent students or one can classify them as hardworking and not so hardworking or may be the worldly- wise types who know when and where to put in the hard work. 

There is a vast majority which religiously does the homework daily and then there are other two types; one who just copy the homework of the hardworking types and then there are the more intelligent types who also copy the answers of the hardworking types but are sharp enough to change the way it is presented, making it look like original work. Well I have no intention of re-igniting the age- old debate as to who among the three types is actually intelligent. I am here to debate as to who among them is ‘original’.

Continue reading “Are you ‘Original’ or are you a ‘Copy’?”