Holi …. Let not the colors fade from life

Holi, the Hindu festival of colours is being celebrated today (29 Mar 21). Other than being associated with vibrant colours Holi also signifies victory of Good over evil. Holi in Lockdown…. Lockdown was imposed, pan India, just two weeks before Holi last year. The situation is not much different this year around with the virus again raising its head across the nation. I am sure … Continue reading Holi …. Let not the colors fade from life

The 100th…

I embarked on my journey of blog writing on 17 Apr 18 on wordpress.com AWESOME , UNIQUE AND BORN TO BE A LEADER and today after a passage of little more than two years I write my 100th blog. In between I had to take a break to take care of my health issues till I came back again and too co- incidentally on 17 Apr 20; nothing planned but it just happened that way.


At the outset I would like to thank my wife for being part of this journey, most of my blogs/ stories are centered around her and she has taken everything I have written ‘sportingly’. I also thank my daughter, Pranjal, my biggest critique and motivator. My gratitude to all my friends who have always taken out time to read my blogs and given their valuable inputs.

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Life online….fun and pressures of being a blogger….

  Internet is loaded with options to explore, experiment, live dreams, earn, get famous (or infamous). Whatever be your profession or way of life internet has space for everyone and some have made internet their profession.  There are bloggers, critiques of all age groups and different genres who have used the internet platform to live their passion, realise their dreams. Everyday new bloggers are joining … Continue reading Life online….fun and pressures of being a blogger….