Quote of the day…Do not judge or assume …

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Do not judge or assume….

Do not judge or assume without knowing the facts. Assumptions and expectations are the prime killers of any relationship still we are so fond of them. Why do we have to rely on assumption when we can just ask? Why do we have to conclude without giving others a chance to explain?

The ‘WhatsApp university’ has further added to the problem. The vast majority just forwards messages without understanding the meaning and the implications. Opinions are formed and public prosecution is carried out without getting into the depth of the issue.

Do not tax your brain too much let people tell ‘their truth’. There are well qualified judges who after going through all available details of a case fail to deliver rationale judgements. What makes you and me think that we can judge?

Please do not judge or assume. Keep life simple and stay happy.

Ask…Do not just assume….

The relationship dividers….

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