Why do we attribute our failures to time?

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Why do we attribute our failures to time? As a young man my easiest way out of a failure was blaming it on time. For me the failures always occurred fro one of the two reasons; for lack of time or for bad timing for start of the project. It was much later I understood that time and change are two constants in life. How good or bad the life gets is dependent on how well we utilise the time.  Time is never good or bad.

Respect time…..

Why blame the time for failures…. 

Everyone gets 24 hours in a day. Some taste success while some fail to achieve their set goal in the given time. Those who succeed pat their backs while those who fail attribute the failure to time or the team. Why is time only blamed for failures and never credited for success? 

We are so good at passing the buck. Our reaction to a failure is to look for a scape goat. It is so easy to blame the time for all the ills of life because it is a silent player and gives no emotional reaction to any allegation. The usual lament is either the time was not right or it was not enough.  

Time being a constant, the amount of time we waste in pointing fingers gets reduced from the time available for fixing the problem. That in itself is punishment enough. We should learn from time this important lesson of how to not react to every allegation and move on without losing focus. 

Getting the timing right…. 

We are a country obsessed with getting our timing right. Though there is not much evidence to prove how much it has helped. The first action before starting any project is to rush to the priest with a request to ascertain the most auspicious time for starting the project. I understand that the aim is to succeed. But success cannot be guaranteed by anyone least of all by the priests. Success can be ensured to an extent by a clear focus and professional preparations. Instead of wasting time on religious priests one should use that time to interact with experts in the field seeking professional guidance.  

Timing has a role in ensuring success. It is in relation to the season/ weather condition, the turnaround time of the supply chain, the availability of the raw material and the season in which the demand of the product is likely to be more. This knowledge can only be given by ‘professional pundits’ and not by the priests. 

Respect time….

Time is not to be feared, it has to be respected. Do not waste time wilfully on events or actions which are of no value. Spend time on improving knowledge, building/ sustaining relationships, on yourself and the family and the professional necessities. Do not waste time on trying to please people. If you are using your time gainfully your work will create the right impression.

Military experience…. 

My experience has been that every second of the day is auspicious is good to start a project or operation if your professional preparation is good. You are good to go at any hour of the day. In the army the operations are launched at odd hours depending on availability of intelligence, our preparations and need for surprise and logistics. The timing for operations is chosen by the commander and not by the unit priest. Yes, soldiers visit the temple before leaving the post and after returning from operations as a matter of faith. The success/ failure of the operation is much more dependent on the quality of execution than on the timing of launch.  


My recommendation is that people should stop wasting time on elaborate religious rituals performed by priests. Yes, pray by all means but establish a one-to-one communication with your God. There is no need of a middleman in this dealing. God is available anytime anywhere. Respect time, make optimal use of it, you will have least regrets in life.

Managing the time and mind : my success mantra.

Communication is the backbone of any relationship


  1. Reading your blog after a few days, well first thing it’s me who needs to manage his timings better and I feel every word of the article seems to be written for me. Excellent Topic and great tips sir. Regards

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