Focus on what you have to get what you want….

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Focus is what matters most in reaching the goal. Human wants are insatiable. Every individual has dreams which he/she wants to achieve. Some diligently work for success but unfortunately there is a large number who look for shortcuts/ escape routes.

Focus matters…..

These escapists spend more time on crying on what they do not have rather than focusing on what they have. They are ready with a list of excuses for failing.

Focus is what matters….

Not everyone can hope to have an ideal environment where he/ she gets every possible support to work towards the desired goal. Most have to make best use of what is available and find their way to the target.

There are umpteen examples of ‘have nots’ who have risen to become famous personalities because of sheer hard work and their never say die attitude. I am not going to list their names here as anyone interested can read about them online.

People give ‘n’ number of reason for giving up on dreams ranging from family demands to financial shortage. I am convinced there is no reason big enough to prevent a focused mind from following the set dream. Logical answers can be found for every problem. Reasons can at most delay but cannot deny an individual from reaching the goal.

Unfortunately, those who give up at the first obstacle far out number the one’s who reached the pinnacle of their career. Why do people fail? The main reason is focus. There are some who lose focus while some do not have it.

Some examples from general life….

I would like to give example of my son and daughter. Son has set a long-term vision right from his school days. He wanted to be a software developer. Topped his University in B Tech (CS), worked three years with one of the best software companies and now is on his way to Carnegie Mellon University, USA. He has not been to any of the fancy coaching institutes for preparations. Many attempts have been made by people around to brain wash him, but he has not let anything come between him and his aim.

Then there is my daughter who does not believe in long term aims. She takes every day as it comes and lives it to the fullest. She is like the Hawk who gets the fish she wants. If she sets her mind on something then she goes full throttle, fully focused and just gets it. She loves her sleep but the day she decided to participate in her school athletics meet she was up every day with the sunrise. She did not miss even a day’s practice and walked away with the best athlete award.

I have purposely avoided using examples of people like PM Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi or for that matter even Mr APJ Abdul Kalam.


Focus is what matters most in reaching the goal. When the mind is focused solutions can be found to any problem which emerge on the way.

What is my definition of success?

Success comes to those who can handle rejections….


  1. Sir….. You have touched upon the issue being faced by many well to do parents who have kids who are not ready to push the boundaries citing numerous excuses. I know many such cases in my near by relations. One doesn’t know what’s the solution. Regards

  2. Focus is important! Otherwise we’ll just be wandering without a goal.

    The post has been thought through and reasoned well. I liked the examples from personal life. Well expressed, sir! 👌🙏

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