How did gratitude bring positive change in my life….

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Expression of gratitude and appreciation costs nothing but can produce results beyond compare. I do not know about others but it has certainly changed my life for good. The pandemic further made me understand the importance of being content with and thankful for what one has.


I have got closer to God and people….

The day I decided to change my daily prayers from a long list of requests to a single line expression of gratitude for whatever God has given me life has got even better. In fact, it has brought my God closer to me. Now ‘He’ gives so much without me asking for it. God is free to decide for me as I am not creating any confusion by sending requests after requests.

I have always made it a point to make people around me comfortable. Though not too lavish in praise I do not hold back a thank you/ appreciation from someone who deserves. It does not matter how big or small has been his/ her contribution. This has helped me in making a good social connect with people.

Mental peace….

Changing the attitude from acute competitiveness to being satisfied with my effort, being thankful for what I have brought mental peace which words cannot explain.

I stopped worrying about things beyond my control specially results.  Now l am like “Karm kiye ja phal ki chinta mat kar” (Do your bit, do not worry about the result). The mind remains much calmer as there is no feeling of competition with anyone.

I stopped hating or envying anyone for the success they got eliminating most of the stress from my life.

I got myself out of the ‘If he fails’ syndrome. To my surprise no one ever failed me rather most of my juniors surprised me with their ingenuity. They gave me more and more opportunities of thanking and appreciating them.

Good health…

I was a short-tempered character who could lose his cool at the drop of a hat. It was only harming my health and disturbing my peace of mind. I only changed when the heart one fine day said, ‘NO MORE’. This is when I changed the narrative and instead of shortcomings started focusing on the goodness in people and things. When you find something good in everything around the mind remains happy. A happy stress-free mind leads to overall good health.


Focus on goodness in people and things around you. Be lavish with praise and expression of gratefulness. Do not try to control things beyond your control. Just exercise control on your mind and the thoughts. Life will be beautiful, happiness will prevail.

Gratitude 2020 …Life beyond the pandemic

My God converses with me….


  1. Absolutely Sir. 100% True. I too have started following the practice of Shukrana/ Thankyou in every breath and action of my life. It’s is helping me in immensely in every possible thing in life and I’m much more ever thankful for what the universal energy/almighty/power is giving me continuously. Excellent Article Sir. Regards

    1. Thank you so much Lalit🌹🙏🌹Gratitude,appreciation and courage to own a mistake matter most in life.

  2. “Changing the attitude from acute competitiveness to being satisfied with my effort, being thankful for what I have brought mental peace which words cannot explain.” This is so beautiful and kind of difficult to achieve. I’ve been trying to be less competitive but some times it is hard to drown out the external noises.

    1. Thank you so much Moksha for the value addition🙏🌹🙏I will only say there is a time for everything. At your age maybe there is the need to compete , to create your own space offcourse without bringing harm to your own self and I am sure you are doing good . Everyone has there own benchmark of excellence, one only needs to be realistic. Once the satisfaction flows from within you will also slow down. My only suggestion to you never ever give up for lack of motivation. That is not an option for a go getter like you. Stay blessed always 🌹🙏🌹

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