What is my definition of success?

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Every individual defines success his or her own way. For some it may mean getting a (good) job which helps in taking care of the family’s financial needs. Some others may see it as improving or even just sustaining the legacy they have inherited. For some others it may relate to every step taken towards the goal they have set for themselves while it may be the reaching the goal.

Defining success….

Defining success….

Death is the only certainty in life after birth. What happens between birth and the death is ‘Karma’ or some may say life. In simple words a life cycle starts with the birth and goes through the paces of attaining education, professional career, marriage, starting a family, meeting family and societal needs, retirement from profession.

Can every individual who goes through these paces consider him/ herself successful? Some may have a successful professional career but a not so successful personal life. Some may make loads of money but have a life full of stress. There are some who do well (reasonably) in the professional life and have a great personal life too. Who amongst them can be considered successful?

Each one of them would have set their own life goals. Someone might have wanted a great professional career, or someone may have just wanted to be rich. In a way each one of the persons referred to in previous para are successful.

But then how many of them have ownership of their time and emotions. Not many can lay a claim to have achieved that. Most of us are constantly on the run pursuing a dream. Majority is just working to make someone else’s idea successful. Their time is not their own and most of the time they are faking emotions.

What does success mean to me?

For me an individual is successful when he has control over his/ her time and mind. An individual should be able to call it a day when he or she wants and have the freedom to express the emotions when and where he/ she wants. The peace of mind which should matter most in life.

This is the goal I had set for myself somewhere in mid 30s. I looked for having a good professional and personal life within these parameters. Having retired from professional life at 56 I can say with firm conviction that I achieved my goals reasonably well. Family needs are well met, the bank balance is good; in short, I have my peace of mind.

I must admit that part credit of my success should go to my spouse who well understood my mind and resonated with my thoughts. My suggestion to all the ‘Happy singles’ is to be very deliberate in choosing the life partner. Your success in life will largely depend on how understanding and supportive is your spouse.

Success comes to those who can handle rejections….

Managing the time and mind : my success mantra.


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