Why are we so quick in forming an opinion?

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I always wonder why are we so quick in forming an opinion. Every person has a right to his or her opinion. We in India, by nature, are very quick to pass a judgement on everything. It does not matter whether we are affected or not.

Opinion forming…..

The fastest means to ruin the reputation of a person or a thing is by word of mouth. Now the social media platforms have made it much easier. People tend to believe whatever they hear or read on social media. No one has time to research and get to the truth. The affected person(s) may keep crying later showing the truth, but the damage has been done.

Why judge?

An opinion may or not help us in our future dealing with a person, but it certainly gives lots of fuel for gossip.

One should understand that the opinion he/she forms today is based on the information available as at present, which may not be complete. Tomorrow based on emerging situation the judgement may need a re-look.

This is where the problem comes, we are very reluctant to change. Once an opinion has been formed, we continue to see the person with the same coloured (blurred?) vision. We get very emotionally attached to our opinion and refuse to see logic. It becomes more of a war of ego then. The thick curtain of opinion formed on the brain prevents us from seeing anything else.

The only situation under which I have seen most people changing opinion at the drop of a hat is when they realise that the boss holds an opinion contrary to theirs.

Is it necessary to form opinions? More so when we are not sure whether the information available is complete truth or not. We have to constantly keep changing it based on availability of fresh/ more reliable information.

My take on opinion forming….

I was also no different from the majority and excelled in forming opinion/ making judgements without conclusive evidence. But then realised that my opinions were only burdening my mind with avoidable load. It was hardly affecting the life of the person about whom I was forming the opinion.

People behave differently under different circumstances and with different people. If someone fails to pass my parameters of efficiency today doesn’t mean he will always fail. Today he may not have been prepared or disturbed by something hence could not do as well, but tomorrow may be different. If one machine fails that does not mean that other 99 will also fail.

My take on opinion forming is to deal with every situation as it comes. Do not come to a judgement without conclusive evidence as it may do more harm than any good.


Army has taught me that every situation should be judged on its own merit. Past results should not influence the present decision making. It has also taught me that everyone is not good in everything, but everyone is certainly good in something. Any quality found not to the mark in a soldier can be improved with training and due guidance. I have learnt to give people a chance to improve. I am of a firm OPINION that anyone/everyone can improve.

Don’t let someone else’s opinion become your reality….

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