What is the purpose of my life?

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“What is the purpose of my life or What is your purpose in life?” and “Who am I?” are among the most difficult questions to answer.

What is the purpose of my life?

Through this blog I will attempt to express my views on “What is the purpose of my life? I have seen people relating purpose to generally one of the two things. Some connect it with what they want to become (be) in life; basically, related to the job or the appointment they want to hold. While there are others who relate it to what they want to do for their families. There are very few who relate it to something they want to do for humanity.

How to find the life purpose?

The first basic question any individual must find the answer to is whether he/ she wants to ‘become someone’ in life or want to ‘do something’ in life? You may become the Prime minister of the nation and still not do much (for the nation). On the other hand, you may be a ‘common man’ from the street and yet may be doing so much for the society. The simple answer is that ‘becoming someone’ should open the avenue for ‘doing something’. Unfortunately, the vast majority just fall in the job trap in their teens itself and cannot think or do anything beyond that. The major problem is that most of these government/ corporate servants are not satisfied with what they are doing but still prefer to be there life long.

Purpose is something doing which should give the person mental satisfaction and general happiness. Why should I be doing something which I am not happy doing? Despite the opportunities available why are we still so risk averse?

Purpose is something for which you will willingly forego your life comforts like sleep, food; just survive on basics to stay focussed on the aim. The ‘servants’ will say they also survive on minimum sleep and food nearly on all weekdays. That is agreed to but there is a difference between ‘losing sleep’ and ‘giving up’ sleep.

Purpose is something for which you are ready to face rejections but not willing to give up on your imagination. You are willing to pay any cost to reach the end but not willing to take short cuts.

The purpose is what you want to be remembered as after you leave the world. You want to be known as a good obedient government/corporate servant or you want to be remembered as a good human being, a good parent/ spouse/ friend etc. You can certainly be a good human being while being a ‘good servant’. What do you want to be written in your epitaph? That will define your purpose of life. You will chart your life path to deserve that epitaph.

Military life and the purpose….

The best example of purpose I could find is from the Military. Defence forces is not a profession, it is a way of life. The sole purpose of every soldier who joins the forces is to serve his/ her country. They are ready to lay down their lives for the honour of their nation state. When a soldier steps out for any military operation he/ she is not explicitly aware of what the opposition will be like. The chance of losing their own life is high but that does not deter them. In fact, every soldier is high on josh as he/she steps out of his base.

Is purpose then more of a service?

Some suggestions for the youth….

It is not easy to home on to a purpose in life. It may take years to realise your true love/passion. The actual realisation will come once you physically attempt a something. It is then you realise the difference between dreaming and action.

Aim to do something in life instead of just becoming someone.

Do not waste your life doing something you do not like. Do not be in a hurry to grab a job after graduation. Go for something you love. Yes, till such time you find what you love, keep yourself engaged in something to sustain your mind and body. You require money to get you food and lodging when you struggle.

Do not be in a hurry to start a family or as they say in my part of the world – settle down in life. No harm in spending some extra years in finding life purpose than to remain unsatisfied and stressed all life.

What is your purpose in life?


  1. Everyone of us try to find this answer and I agree with you defence is one way to live life purposefully. That’s why we all respect defence people so much.

  2. Nice Article Sir. It’s true Defence Life certainly teaches us valuable lessons all along its just that we tend to ignore it at times. Thankyou for reiterating the life lessons. Regards

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