How to make a dream come true?

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How to make a dream come true? The journey from seeing a dream to achieving it is a roller coaster ride to say the least. There is no control over the speed or on degree of difficulty of twists and turns to be encountered along the way.

Live your dream……

Pre-requisites for success….

Yes, one should be highly motivated, educated, intelligent, hardworking and a go getter to achieve success in life. But then success does not come in similar proportion to everyone who has these qualities. Then what is that extra which makes the much-needed difference? You do not get something just because you want it; you got to go after it with everything you have and get it.

A set job/ easy life will have to be given up to follow the dream. The pressure of being a struggler when other batchmates/ friends are well set in jobs is not easy to handle. The basic requisite to follow a dream is not finances but a strong mind and heart.

There may be multiple failures/ rejections and the journey may seem endless. There may be not just sleepless nights, but one may face even threats of bankruptcy or getting isolated. Success will come to one who can endure all such adversities and keep going.

Along the journey one should be ready to be made fun of by the opponents. People wait for those failures so they can laugh at you. Life will be like a tight rope walk; one wrong step and you will be down. The fear of failure, what will people say has to be kept aside.

It is not just about you; your family may also suffer with you. Friends may part ways, and, in some cases, family may also give up. The decision to go with the family/ friends or with the dream is not easy to make.  


Financial crunch can never be the sole reason for failure. If the idea is logical and the ‘go for it’ spirit is strong finance will flow. It is the spirit of making sacrifices which is utmost needed in the pursuit of a dream.

If you intend turning your dream into a reality, ensure that you are mentally robust and emotionally strong. If you can maintain your cool during the adversities the chances of realizing the dream will be very high.

It is the spirit of sacrifice which will keep the flame of achievement burning.

Be ready to pay the price to achieve a dream……

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