Company one keeps matters in shaping your life….

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It is well said that the company one keeps matters in determining the direction the life of the individual takes. Audit helps is keeping both personal and professional life are in good health.

Company you keep matters……

People are one of the most important assets in anyone’s life. One has no option in case of parents/ most relations and cannot do much regarding the type of boss and colleagues he/she gets. However, friends certainly one should deliberately choose.

Building network….

The choice of friends should not be based on materialistic but on emotional connect. They are the ones who will stand by you in your ‘downtime’.

The best connections one makes is in school and college because it is not based on any materialistic expectations; it is pure. The network one makes there is life long and they are the ones who stand by you in your ‘downtime’. They may not be always next to you but will always be with you.

Every individual should develop the habit of meeting with people. I have seen people being very selective about the people they meet, from a very young age. There is no harm in meeting anyone whom you allow to remain in life is the choice you can make.   

Interact with everyone with an open mind, each one will leave some good memories/ lessons. More people you interact with better understanding you get of the human mind. This gives you the ability of differentiating good from not so good.

Unfortunately, in professional life there are many who make networks based on the career needs. Well, it is good to be around people who matter. However, if you are a good human being, good at your job and a good team member you will be anyways noticed and get your due.

I have a very small friends’ circle but they are all genuine. I have met hundreds of people in my life but with most the relationship has just remained on the professional level. Everyone may not have got access to my emotional side but each one of them has been a good acquaintance/ colleague.

Audit of friends….

One loose nut can upset the balance of the car. Hence, just like annual servicing of the car it is very important to carry out regular audit of the people you have around you.

The main aim of the audit is not to weed out people from your life but to find flaws and work out ways to improve relations. However, someone who is not adding value to your life or who is wilfully pulling you down should be side-lined at the earliest. Parasites cannot be carried life-long.


It is not the size but the quality of network one keeps which matters. Make it a habit to carry out regular audit of the network. There are no professional companies available you got to depend on your own judgement for this audit. Ensure discipline in carrying out this audit because “Company one keeps matters” is shaping life.

Invest in friends…..Get constant positive returns…. 

Life is fun when husband and wife are best of friends…..


  1. Very apt article especially for the young gen x as sometimes they carried away in wrong company and loose out premium time and energy following wrong set of friends. Thankyou Sir for writing such nice well meaning and motivating blogs. Regards

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