Managing the time and mind : my success mantra.

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It is the failure to manage the time and mind that generates maximum stress in the life of a working professional. I had learnt very early in my professional life that if you do not have control on them life is bound to be hell. I have seen my entire life that time is one commodity everyone is running after, but no one seems to be catching up with. Time has always remained ahead in this race with the humans. Conditions are going from bad to worse with every passing year. The workload is driving the minds crazy.

I considered my control over time and mind as my biggest success in the professional career. (Note – At home I have no control over both)

Where lies the problem?

The problem is not with the time, it is the mind which fails to play it right. Time does not discriminate with anyone. Everyone gets 24 hours in a day to do whatever he or she wants. The problem is in the head; a vast majority does not get the priority right. They are not able to differentiate between absolute necessity and not so necessary. Then there are many who forget there are many more minds other than their own available to find solutions. Use all the available resources and time will be saved.  There are many like me who talk more, and work less so naturally are running against time.

I have seen leaders who sit over decisions for fear of failure and delay the projects. There are others who believe in following the longest possible procedures of decision making, checking and cross checking at every stage. Some exercise a tight control on all decision making which leads to undue delay.


Simple solution lies in managing the mind. Train your mind to set the priorities right. Every task/activity cannot have the same priority. Everything cannot be done ‘now’.

Anyone can work out their own strategy from Brian Tracy’s “Eat that frog” to someone like me who believed in doing the easier tasks first to get a good feel as the pending numbers decrease. This also set the mood right to deal with the tougher tasks.

Delegate work, trust the subordinates, responsibility breeds efficiency.

Have a big heart to accept failures. You cannot come first in every race you participate in.

Discipline, determination, and efficient decision-making skills always lead to time saving.

One can take a lesson in time management from the moms at home who always seem to fit in all the jobs in the given time without much of a fuss. Moreso the working professionals.


Effective time management is more about managing the priorities more than anything else. When the priority is well understood than rest everything generally falls in place.

You can consider yourself successful only when you own your Time…….


  1. I’m very thankful for the internet because I’ve been able to follow so many people who do so much with their time, and I get to truly see what time management is like. And you’ve hit the nail on the head that we all get 24 hours. Some people just use them better than others, and I too am learning how. Anyway, thanks for this post!

  2. Time Management is the biggest concern now a days. Next Gen offices are ample proof of that who make their employees slog till late hours without realising how it is impacting their personal life with poor health and family life. Our times were much better…come in time…leave in time…finish all the work in the time frame. Flexibility according to me is damaging the concept of time management.

    1. I agree with you Bienu. There has to be a limit to an individual can work daily.
      Stay blessed always

  3. Excellent Article once again. Need to learn a lot from the suggestion given. Thanks you sir. Your blogs are too good. Regards

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