Communication is the backbone of any relationship

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Communication is the backbone of any relationship, professional or personal. I have come across people with different styles of communication.


Varied styles…..

Some prefer to stay quiet even after being witness to worst behavior of an elder/ senior while their are others who wait for a right opportunity to express. Then there are some on the other extreme who do not waste anytime in expressing their opinion/ feelings. Their is no absolutely right style of communicating. Any style can work on a given day but I personally feel that it is always good to speak your mind. What matters are the why, what, when, where and how of the communication.

What, Why, When, Where and how of good communication…..

One should be mindful of the reason for expressing his/ her opinion; is it necessary? Another thing which matters is what is spoken and how it is spoken. One should carefully choose the words (language) and the tone and tenor of communication (written or verbal). The timing and location also goes a long way in making the communication (in)effective. Is the response required to be given immediately for effect or it can be delivered more effectively after a time lapse at a more appropriate location?


Every situation has to be dealt on its own merit and the individual may come under pressure to respond due to various compelling reason to respond immediately and strongly. Respond if you have to immediately but do take care of the ‘what and how‘ as much as you can.

Communication ….An art worth mastering…

Good communication….the lockdown lessons


  1. Life is all about communication be it verbal or non verbal. In fact more than 80%communication is non verbal. A relaxed cool calm mind probably will be the best when you choose to respond rather than react. Beautifully Summarised the essence sir. Regards

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