Why argue when we can discuss?

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Why argue when we can discuss and reach a solution? Why do most discussions end up in arguments? That felt need of ‘I am right ‘ rules the mind in most cases. Why do I have to be right always? Because that’s the way our society is; failures are not accepted and losing an argument is seen as a big failure.

Why argue when you can discuss?

Is accepting that someone else can make a better decision than me at a point of time so much of a problem? Learn to accept better solutions irrespective of the source they come from. Life will be much more ‘cool’. At least half of the stress we generate for ourselves everyday will be wiped off.

Discuss to find the right solution instead of arguing to prove your point right come what may.

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  1. Excellent Advice. Wish we remember to remember it always and keep the argument to discussion level only.

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