Stop living in the past, let go and move on….

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Stop living in the past; learn, let go and move on. The problem with most people is that they spend large part of their life in their head. Their life keeps oscillating between the thoughts “why me” (when something goes wrong in their life) and ” why not me” (when something good happens in life of someone else).

Stop living in the past

To live life to the fullest move out of your head and be in the ‘now’. Go into your head to take guidance from the memories and make decisions, do not make a permanent residence there.

Stay blessed always.

To growโ€ฆbreak free from the past โ€ฆ.

Self-talk โ€“ a good way to utilize the free timeโ€ฆ.


  1. Your Motivational Short Blogs and quotes are really impressive and very well written sir. Regards

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