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Jan and Feb 2022 were months of election campaigns in India. Though elections were held only in five states but the entire was affected.

Election Campaigns……

The deafening campaigns, huge rallies (till election commission realised that corona had no soft corners for elections), unbelievable promises and loud debates on TV channels became part of daily life till votes were finally cast.

Why do people attend rallies?

I get surprised at the sight of huge rallies. I have not understood the reason for which people attend these rallies. Are they really interested in hearing the political leaders? Do they really believe in the promises being made from the rostrums by speaker after speaker? Or they think politicians provide better entertainment than the daily soaps aired on TV?

Political leaders make new promises every election majority of which are forgotten the day the results are declared. Are people so naïve that they cannot see through the promises made? What makes people travel long distance and wait long hours to listen to the politicians? That too when they in all probability know that nothing worthwhile will be spoken of in the rally.

Is the crowd at an election rally indicative of the growing unemployment in the nation? Can it be deduced that people do not have any worthwhile to do so they come to attend the rally? I have not found a better reason. Another reason can be the reported freebies offered for giving attendance. But how much can that be? Nothing more than a free pick up and drop, food and maybe something more but all in all nothing worthwhile.

Can we do without the election rallies?

Why are such huge rallies required more so in the digital world? Why can’t the politicians just address on TV and radio, and anyone interested can listen to it. What purpose a rally serves which digital platforms cannot achieve? Even physical rallies are just monologues, where unreasonable promises are made; the politicians speak and the crowd listens. Come to think of it why should the political leaders be making such laborious effort to make the people aware of the good work they have done if they have actually done it all? Even opposition parties do not have to put that extra pressure on their lungs to convey to the people how badly the government of the day performed. People are wise and know it anyway. If at all minds are to be refreshed than digital and print media can achieve the same at a much lesser cost.

Why can’t the political rallies be just banned, and the electioneering be just restricted to door-to-door campaigns, use of digital platforms and print media. It will save so much money, manhours and save the city in which they are held from never ending traffic jams . Is the Election Commission listening?

It is the same old story after every election campaign, as the last vote is cast the promises are forgotten and the voter neglected. The system will remain so unless the voter wants to change it. Why can’t we the voters say no to the political rallies?

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  1. Excellent Article Sir. Absolutely nail in the head. Reminds me of the Joke when PM if Japan told Modiji as to why do you require a bullet train when your people have time and patience to watch over Ganga aarti for six hrs everyday at Varanasi Ghat. With nothing to do I think Elections and Cricket are best time pass in this part of the World. Regards

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