My love & hate relationship with Corona….

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Ms Corona and me, have shared a love hate relationship since she entered India in Feb 2019. She loves me as much as I want to stay away from her.

Corona returns….

In 2020 she knocked at my door (or should I say knocked me off my feet) on 10 Mar. We had a ‘good’ more than two weeks of togetherness before she bid goodbye. In 2021 she again called up in Mar to say how much she had missed me. But thankfully this time around she stayed for a shorter time and left just after the 10th day.

Enter the kiddo – Omicron….

This year I thought I was well prepared and won’t allow her to enter my home. Viruses are much smarter than we humans can ever be. As we played the hide & seek game, she managed to push her kiddo ‘Omicron’ through the door, most likely riding piggyback on a veggie basket.

The effect….

On day-1 there was this scratchy feeling in the throat. Taking it to be the effect of cold weather I tried to control with some warm gargles and an anti- allergy tablet. The kiddo resisted the gargles. On the day-3 I got the chills and felt weak forcing me to add Paracetamol, steam inhalation and my favourite Ayurvedic concoction to the treatment regimen.

Master Omicron was maybe not ready for the multi-pronged allopathic-ayurveda attack. On day-5 the virus started growing weak and by day-6 I was feeling near normal. Ms Corona being a regular at my home I am aware of what she can do even in later stage. I am not even taking her kiddo lightly. It is day-8 and I am feeling perfectly fine but still continuing with the Ayurvedic detoxification of the body.


Friends, virus is very much spreading through the air so do not let your guard down. It is better to be cautious than to be a host to Ms Corona. The experience is certainly not worth it. Wear the mask when outdoor and avoid getting into crowded places. Do warm water gargle and steam inhalation regularly. Have a daily cup of ayurveda concoctions which all Indian moms are so good at preparing. Lastly, be in touch with your favourite God.

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  1. Great Sir….. It seems that self and Corona have become yearly friends. Just as I thought that I had beaten corona in yr 2020 and 2021…. Here it was just last week to truoble me again and wife. Won’t say fully recovered but yes managed without hospital admission some how. The scratchy thorat is gone but cold cough and sneeze is still there. Hopefully 10 days is what I’m counting on. Regards

  2. Surprised to know about you being infected with Corona three times but very happy to know you recovered. Indeed, the threat of corona is not yet over…

    Stay healthy and stay safe..

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