Why do I love my morning walks so much?

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I have been regular with my morning walk irrespective of the location I was in, the weather condition or the pandemic. I always adjusted my professional other commitments in a way that there was always enough room for a long and pleasant evening walk.

Morning walks…..

Why am I so passionate about the walk?

A long brisk walk is good for health is a known fact but that is not the reason which motivates me to don my walking shoes every evening. My inspiration flows from the fact that it gives me time to be with myself in the natural surroundings. I found that the mind gets more energised and active when I am walking. I have found answers to some of the trickiest questions of my life during walks.

The love of walk has taken me on roads/ tracks in many cities, hill ranges and on jungle trails. The walks give me an opportunity to be with nature. I have met people from different walks of life with whom I might have never met otherwise.

My walk, my way….

I have two options while walking.  Wear my headphones, cut myself off from the world and walk on or keep the headphones off, talk, inhale, absorb enjoy and walk.

I am not fond of listening to anything through headphones when I am walking. I understand people use headphones to cut off the environmental noises/ clutter (and people); they want to be with just themselves. Everyone has a right to hear what they love to but I think the better way is to cut off the mind from the clutter naturally. For me what matters is to find inner peace despite the clutter around. The noise around won’t cease to exist by If I close my eyes or ears. I have learnt to live with it and avoid making even phone calls during the walks.

I greet everyone (known or stranger) whom I cross during walk. Most do not respond, not because they do not want to but because their ears and mind are pre-occupied with the earphones. I am also not the one who gives up easily and have managed to breach the defences of quite a few. The loudest response and the biggest smile I still get is from some elders and the safai karamcharies (sweepers/ cleaners) cleaning the road early morning.  I had realised it long back as the Station commander of a beautiful cantonment that the biggest morale booster for these employees was respecting them and the work they did. I know I cannot do much for them but the smile which my greeting brings on their face is good enough for me.  

My gains….

New names are getting added to the list of people who bring smile on my face every day. So many hands rise to bless without even knowing me much. These are the best rewards of a morning/ evening walk without a headphone. Music one can listen to anytime.


So, friends make your walks a wholesome experience; greet, smile, make friends, inhale fresh air, enjoy the natural surroundings. This will automatically take care of your health.

Enjoying the Walk….

Walking in the Rain……


  1. Excellent article. Walks are the best spiritual journey one can take every day. One really enjoys the walks be it morning or evening and if a good friend or a partener than nothi like it. Regards

  2. Your post absolutely resonated with me and you’ve captured the freshness and calmness of the walk during morning time, so well!

  3. Beautiful post & yeah walking is great. I love the way that you do greet & smile to those street cleaners. They need it the most & as a way of thanks to them. Blessed you more!

  4. Wow, it’s amazing what you learned about sweepers being the loudest to greet. I never would’ve knew. And yes, walking is such a therapeutic activity for the mind. I’m grateful I have a dog that I need to take on walks, so I can experience this meditative practice. Thanks for sharing!

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