2021 ….. A year of hope and apprehensions….

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2021 had received a subdued welcome because of the Corona. It was welcomed with a mixed feelings of hope and apprehensions. A hope of finding a solution for the prevalent pandemic and apprehensions/ fear of new variants of virus striking.


The war with virus….

The year has lived up to the set expectations. The pandemic conditions improved in the initial months and people started living a near normal life. But unfortunately, most threw caution to the wind and the virus hit back in Mar/ Apr. Life came to a near standstill and hospitals again ran out of space.  Fortunately, the vaccination drive had started. Combined with the lesson learnt in 2020 it helped to bring the situation came under control 2021. However, the virus is not giving up and the new variant, Omicron has raised its head.

What the year brought for me?

Retirement. I successfully completed my service with the Indian army in Sep 21. It was an honour to have been part of the great organisation for 34 rears plus. Hopefully, I will live up to the old saying; you can take an army man out of army but never the army out of an army man. I owe whatever I am today to the Indian Army.

The health. Fortunately, the virus maintained its social distance from me and the family though it did affect some of my close relatives/ associates. My heart did cause concern twice in the year, but the doctors managed it well. There is no cause for worry. Overall, the health remained good.

Family time. Most offices and colleges provided the work from home option to the employees and the students. This ensured all of us stay at home and we got an opportunity to further bond as a family.

Travel. I managed to follow my passion for travel despite of the prevalent viral conditions. We travelled as a family to Gujrat and Ladakh.  The pandemic condition was a sort of blessing in the sense that we did not encounter any rush at any of the places. It was a great opportunity to bond with each other and the place.

Making friends. 2021 brought many new people in my life. I got active on social media and have met many fabulous people thus far. Good friends are what I needed most, and I can say with certainty I have got some.

Hobbies. Photography is what I always wanted to pursue as a hobby other than expressing my mind through my blog. I have got a good camera and am learning new tricks in photography. I am just loving it. Photography goes well with my other passion s of writing and travelling.  I share the photos on my Instagram handle @krisfotos221.

Expression of gratitude….

There is so much I must express my gratitude for in 2021.

The year was better than 2020 and the virus also remained relatively under control. People started breathing freely again.

For giving us time and opportunity to bond more as a family.

The successful completion of my terms of engagement with the Indian army.

Good health for the entire family.

Living my passion of travel, writing and photography.

Meeting new people and making some worthy friends.

For infusing more love and peace in life.


2021 has helped me live my passion and create beautiful memories. I as an individual couldn’t have asked for more. I am hopeful that 2022 will be as good as 2021 if not better.

2021 ….A year loaded with hopes…..

Gratitude 2020 …Life beyond the pandemic


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