A dream never lets you sleep….

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A dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep so said Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, ex President of India. Maybe he is right but for someone like me who is very fond of his sleep (even an afternoon nap) this was not easy to follow.

The dream….

My Dream…..

From my early childhood I had dreamt of a life where I could live comfortably without doing much work. Not easy to achieve as I was not born in a billionaire’s family. Where money would flow freely, and I could get anything and everything at my beck n call.

I was not the one to give up on my dream. I started well and hardly ever burnt midnight oil for my studies. Just managing to pass in the school exams. The trend continued throughout my student life. God was kind enough that I cleared the first ever competitive exam (National Defence Academy) I appeared in my life without much ado. This was followed by a long session of interview cum practical tests. I was just about 16 years plus of age and had made no preparations for the practical tests which were to follow. I do not know what good they found in me my name figured in the 0.10 percent of candidates who were declared successful. Maybe, the luck favoured me.

Life in training academy…..

I was so happy that I had made it to the academy without losing much sleep. A dream achieved without much, rather any trouble. What turn life was to take post joining the training academy was beyond my imagination. I hardly ever had good sleep during the four years of training.

The life I led in the academy made me firmly believe that a dream will make you lose sleep. If not when you are seeing it then maybe after you think you have achieved what you aimed for. Do not be too happy if you get something very easily, it will make you spend sleepless nights sometime or the other.

Life post retirement…..

I hung up my uniform this year after successful completion of 35 years in the organisation. I spent many a sleepless/ stressful night during my professional career but at the end of it all I can say it was a very satisfying life.

As I said earlier, I do not give up on my dreams easily. Post retirement I wanted to live a life I had always dreamt. My wife being a working professional who has another few years to go before retirement, I thought will help me live a life I had decided. I just wanted to lead a simple life. A stay-at-home husband just doing things my way. I do not have much to do with many helping hands available for managing the daily chores.

Am I satisfied now? I will say only partially. During the professional career the body and the mind got adequately exercised daily to help me get a good sleep. Even I slept one hour at night it was sound and satisfying.

Ever elusive dream…..

Too much of freedom I have got is not letting me sleep now. I sleep well past midnight daily and yet get up early in the morning for nothing. I am finding ways to keep myself engaged. The pet has become my best friend. I start my day taking her for a morning stroll then feed her, play around with her and go again for a evening and a post dinner walk. In between I find time to do some gardening, cooking, and writing my blog.

I am hoping that someday I will get to live the life I always dreamed and sleep like a child anytime, anywhere.

Be ready to pay the price to achieve a dream……

Live your life your way…..Live your dreams….Enjoy yourself it’s later than you think….


  1. It reminds of my childhood days when my parents used to discuss many a times that they were unable to sleep, now I know the meaning of it as I am experiencing n learning a lot from other’s experiences. Waking up for Nothing?? but you are doing the best thing spending your time with pet n caring….you are surely being cared by God dear Krish. May each day of your life be filled with many happiest moments. Keep smiling 😇🙏🙏🙏

    1. Thank you so much Suma…always such a good feel to hear from you..you bring so much positive vibes and give value additions..
      Stay blessed always.

  2. I believe that the best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.We should hold fast to ourdreams, for if dreams die, life is simply dull and drab…..
    Wonderful write-up Krish… keep dreaming 👍😃

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