Self-talk – a good way to utilize the free time….

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“For oft, when on my couch I lie in vacant or in pensive mood” I find myself normally indulging in self-talk. I love to enter my mind and travel through the network of multiple lanes and by-lanes of thoughts and experiences. The journey is always fulfilling and full of pleasant surprises.


A good way to engage the mind….

During my long professional career circumstances often forced me to stay away from the family. The longest and most difficult experience was during the COVID pandemic when it was not just separation from the family, but social interactions were also curtailed to a large extent.

Conversation is an art in which not many people have mastered. My experience tells me that it is not just conversing with others there is a vast majority who I think do not often communicate with their inner self. I am not too fond of watching TV nor am I a voracious reader. In such times I became my best company specially in the evenings in the confines of my room. I used to just sit and talk with ‘me’ for long. The journey through the brain is always so amazing every single memory of life is stored there. One just has to remove some cobwebs, scratch a bit and beautiful memories unfold like a movie and the time just flies; self-talk can be so entertaining and self-assuring.

Getting answers to complex problems

There are occasions in when despite prolonged discussions and deliberations the right answer still eludes. However, during my ‘me time’ under the shower or post dinner on the bed as I got on my journey in the alleys of the brain invariably, I found the ever so elusive answer hidden in a cubby hole in a dark alley. Self-talk can be so powerful, it can get you the answer to the most difficult questions.

It is not just the warm water or the cozy bed, even a warm cup of tea or the beautiful setting sun can initiate a person into the mood of some invigorating self-talk. Sometimes the self-talk breaks the sound barrier and turns into an animated discussion between two people that is me and my mind. The experience is a bit different than travelling through the brain. But I assure you that the answers still flow. Try it, it is good fun. Please ensure that no one is watching you as he is bound to take you to be crazy.

I find these self-talks to be great de-stressors. Whenever I am upset or disturbed it is ‘me’ who comes to the rescue. I do not mind becoming my own punching bag and thrashing out the ill feelings.

Intuitions are the result of all these experiences stored in various corners of the brain. These intuitions keep telling us, cautioning us from time to time. Unfortunately, most of the time the intuitions tell us what not to do. It is only to the bold few that the intuitions prompt what to do. Believe the intuitions, they are based on your own past experiences.


Self-talk is the most important conversation one can have in life. You are free to say whatever, and the best part is that one does not have to bother about the repercussions. The outcome will invariably be great, just try it.


  1. OH I LOVE this, Krish!!! I have conversations with myself all the time! I am my best encourager and mentor. When seeking an answer like you said is elusive, that answer usually comes when I’m not even thinking of the problem. Pop. And there it is, my revelation. I’ve done that so many times Hubby is amazed and keeps saying …. oh wow, another profound statement from you!
    The other day I ran across this young girl at the gym, in your teens, and most of her talk was self-defeating and putting herself down. I stood there in front of her, and told her while I’m around I will not be having her speak in such negative terms about herself. Her mouth dropped. I told her please begin to love yourself for who you are. I hope I left some seeds for thought for her. These young girls are under such ruthless pressures.
    Words and thoughts are so powerful!!! Thank you so much for this post ….. you are such an inspiration!!! xo

  2. Lovely post, Krish! Please look up the lyrics of the song – Khud se baatein karte rehna by Lata Mangeshkar. I think you’ll enjoy it.

    1. Thank you so much Harshi for giving your time and leaving your thoughts. Yes that’s a beautiful song.
      Stay blessed always

  3. Great post! I think it’s really important for everyone to practice self talk. It helps us understand our inner most thoughts better.

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