My take on the heart attack and the aftereffects….

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Ischemic heart disease/ heart attack has remained the top cause of death over years. In fact, numbers are on the increase every passing year. Life is not same once you contact any of the major diseases.

Surviving a heart attack….

How did I survive?

I was fortunate to have survived the ischemic heart disease despite delaying the treatment due to the undermentioned reasons.

The hospital was located hardly any distance from my residence, and I reached just in time.

The hospital had best of the facilities to diagnose and treat the ischemic disease.

One of the best cardiologists of the town was around and he also joined the team of doctors treating me within half an hour of my reaching the hospital. Between them they carried out the procedures so smoothly that I never realised the gravity of the situation.

Since I was not aware of the gravity there was no unnecessary stress on my mind.

I had a determined wife by my side who took on all the stress not letting anything to pass to me.

Life after the Angioplasty….

Fortunately, I had to make no major lifestyle changes. I was already a non-smoker, non-drinker a vegetarian and not suffered from any lifestyle disease. The doctor felt I needed no change in my dietary habits. But then a wife can overrule anyone. She has further reduced my intake of fats, sweets n spices (Wife feels she adds up so much spice and sweetness to my life as it is that I do not need anything more. “Koi to samjhao isko” (Someone please make her understand)

I did go a bit weak and lost weight after the angioplasty. It took about eight weeks to get back to my normal routine (But the menu set by my wife has not changed and she does not let me take even a day’s break from the daily walk).

The main change I had to make was in my temperament. I was very fond of losing my temper at the drop of the hat. I took time to adjust and learn to manage my temperament. My subordinates were the happiest with this change.

My daily walk has come down from 7 Km to just about 5km now. I have taken all strenuous exercises out from the routine.

Even the slightest feeling of uneasiness in chest creates stress (specially, in the initial few months). Every episode of uneasiness seemed like an impending heart attack. There is always a feeling of fear at the back of the mind that the disease may find its way back if I do not take precautions.

Monthly visit to the hospital has become a permanent feature of life. This irritates a bit because I hardly ever had been to a hospital before the heart issue in my life.

Medicines have become more important than the meals. I may miss a meal but will never miss the medicines. I can say that I survive on tablets now.

Hospitals are always crowded with patients and at the outset can never give a good feeling to a visitor. But for someone fighting for life that is the best to be in.

Other than your health you have to get particular with regular health checkup of your kids. The chances of the children developing ischemic disease becomes high if parents have it.


I survived because of the expert team of doctors and the support staff who attended to me. As if guided by someone everything fell in place when I required. The hospital was next door, the cardiologist was free, another cardio was around and joined in and the life saving procedures were performed within a couple of hours.

The gravity of situation and the feeling of God being on my side sunk in only after a week when I saw three very healthy-looking person lose their life in the same hospital due to ischemic disease.

Lessons the heart attack taught me….

What it is like being admitted in an ICU?


  1. Oh.. sad to know about your health issues. Please take care of yourself. May God bless you with speedy recovery n good health!!

  2. Hi Krish, It’s so painful to know about… 😔 but happy to see things have turned positive graciously. Please take care. Yes you truly are fortunate and special to be blessed by God, being loved by such a great n sweet wife. I can feel the pain n situation as I experienced with my MIL…you are in my prayers n thoughts always. The blessings you give to all of us are being counted by God 🙏🙏

    1. Thank you so much Suma and feels so good to hear from you. You always send such positive vibes.
      Stay blessed always

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