Gratitude to the teachers ….

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5 Sept every year is celebrated as Teachers’ Day in India to honor the teachers for all the efforts they put in to ‘shape the future of the nation’. The power of a nation flows through the knowledge bank it has. (You may read Tribute to my teachers….. for understanding the origin of this day in India).

Gratitude to teachers ….

It is the tireless efforts the teachers put in without any discrimination or high expectations which is what matters most in nation building. Teachers themselves have to remain on a learning mode all their life for the sake of their students. They have no option.

The period of pandemic has been tough for the teachers (Parents, elders, schoolteachers, professors, and friends all included). The classroom teaching has not been possible, but teaching -learning process had to continue. The students could not be left to suffer for want of education.

The teachers irrespective of the facilities available to them took on the challenge spiritedly. They spent hours in learning new technologies to ensure continuity of education of the students. Increase in working hours and overall workload, reduction in salaries in many cases has not dampened their spirits.  

My gratitude to all the teachers who have played a crucial part in making me what I am. It is due to their efforts that I am sailing through life happily.

Be the teacher your child deserves….
Blessed to have you as my first teacher….. 


  1. This is amazing Krish, Happy teacher’s day 🥰🙏 beautifully worded with your great ode to the teacher’s at thd end. I love the verses of saying education is a knowledge bank absolutely true and the nation would definitely take a better shape with education when parents and teachers held the accountablility to monitor and guide them in a right path 🙏🙏

    1. Thank you so much Suma for always value adding to my thoughts. I am.a firm believer that education ( formal n informal) alone can build lives and finally the nation. The power of an individual, family and the nation flows from their quality of education.
      Stay blessed always

  2. Very nice piece on how teacher’s swiftly moved from class room teaching to online teacher. I am sharing the blogpost with my brother and bhabhi, who are academicians. Thanks so much,

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