What is my self-worth based on?

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What is my self-worth? What is my value? I struggled to find the answer to these questions for long. What is self-worth / self-value, related to, what did it depend on? More I read about it and interacted with people on the subject more confused I got. Till I found my own definition of it.

My self-worth – my education

What is self-worth dependent on?

It was surprising to know that not many people I interacted with had not thought much about it. After some prodding and some discussions multiple options emerged on which a person’s value could depend on.

Achievements. Many people were willing to put their money on the achievements they had made in life. Achievements could vary from academic excellence to winning awards or getting a good job. They felt that they were good enough because of the achievements they had made in life.

Job. There is a distinct majority which preferred the job as the benchmark for measuring self-worth. The status of a person dependent on the type of job, organisation one worked in, and appointment held. The self-worth as per them flows for the status one holds.

Financial status. The net financial worth of an individual found favours with quite a few. These people firmly believed that it is the financial worth of the individual which decides his / her worth/ value.

The following. There are some who relate worth to the number of people who follow the individual. There are people who get a feeling of being ‘good enough’ only if they have a certain number of friends/ followers on social media. It is the fan following, being a celebrity, which reflects the worth.

Appearance. There is a small number which linked self-worth to an individual’s appearance. We all know that while appearance can get an individual status in the short term, but it alone won’t sustain him/ her there.

What does self-worth mean to me?

I agree that life achievements, profession, financial health and social following all matter in life. But these are temporary, they fluctuate with time/ age and competition one faces. None of these can be guaranteed to stay with anyone for life.

Self – worth is dependent on self-belief. If one has belief in his/her abilities he/she can achieve any dream.

The first small step I took towards assessing my self-worth was by accepting myself the way I was. It is only by accepting the flaws and strengths that one can work on them and grow.

For me the self-worth flows from the education I have got in life. Education has a permanent place in life and grows with every passing day. It is not just related to academics. Education is whatever one has learnt during life from anywhere and everywhere. It is education which helped me achieve whatever I have in life, job, financial status etc. My value education reinforces that belief in me that I can achieve.

I also believe that my self-worth is reflected by what I do for others willingly without expectations of any returns. It is my education which not only has guided me to hold out a helping hand to the deserving but also made me capable.

Good health is another parameter on which self-worth depends. It is only a healthy mind and body which usually can achieve dreams.

I follow my own set of values and principles in life. I have set my boundaries based on my life values and never cross them. Life values one follows add to the self-worth. They allow me the freedom of using and expressing my mind.


Self-worth of an individual cannot depend on someone else’s approval. It is you alone who gets to decide your value. Self-worth is directly dependent on education, values, health, and the self-belief one has.

What is your net worth???

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  1. I have pinned each of your precious words to my heart as my self reflection that are written for the below question: I am just inhaling the facts and figures of this Dynamic and Diamond article. It’s always worth reading your writings but this one has stamped some heal to my heart. Thank you for such an incredible share Krish 🙏🙏🙏

    What does self-worth mean to me?

    1. Thank you so much Suma for reading and appreciating. Your encouraging words are a great motivator.
      Most of us always down play our self worth basing it on the financial status. Always doubting- ‘ am I good enough?’ . Yes we all are good enough as long as we believe in our abilities and draw happiness from small things of life.
      Stay blessed always Suma.

  2. Thought provoking words! I hope to assemble a sense of self-worth that is totally independent of all the factors you list in the first section, but it can be hard to parse.

  3. A meaningful write-up Krish ! My self worth lies in being more kind towards myself…not being judgemental and not assessing my worth by the scale of other’s achievement.Each individual is unique with his own strength and weaknesses.We all are significant in our specified roles.Love it and Live it with utmost dedication.

  4. You made a lot of great points in this blog! I like how your broke down the different categories people associate with their self worth. I do also believe that our self worth is dependent on our self belief. I also believe that certain categories change, nothing is permanent and it fluctuates throughout life. Stay blessed always! 🙂

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