Indian education system needs a revamp

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Indian Education System….

Indian education system is in dire need of a revamp. The present system does not encourage creativity. It has also failed to keep the students grounded to the basic life values.

The pandemic conditions have further exposed the chinks in the system. The system was found wanting in every aspect. It was not future ready. The students and teachers both are struggling to embrace technology. Even most of the well read people lacked basic hygiene manners and discipline. Police force had to be diverted to enforce wearing of masks and following COVID protocols. Aren’t the basics like hand washing and discipline taught at homes and in kindergarten?

The focus of education must shift from just preparing the students for a job to preparing them for life.

Education : Give a child the roots & wings

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Is our education system encouraging or killing creativity/ innovation????


  1. This problem is in so many other countries. It is so sad that schools focus only on academics and preparing students for jobs but don’t teach them basic real life skills.

    1. That’s right Sheri, this problem exists the world over.
      Thank you for your valuable insight.
      Stay blessed always

  2. Education system n it’s revamp, really a big question n now that online studies are just becoming for formalities. Surprisingly Kids are being shown our Indian culture n customs virtually instead making them to enjoy practically. I reached few Montessori schools for my kid this yr n the virtual examples really proved the system of education. Luckily my kid at least having the real touch with nature and agriculture whenever we visit. Hopefully all these things sh/not become just like a musium to show to next generations. Thanks for choosing this very important topic Krish, loved it. πŸ™πŸ™

    1. Thank you so much Suma for the value addition you always do. Yes, the online studies are just becoming more of a formality in many schools. Many a teachers are not able to differentiate between a real and a virtual classroom.
      Stay blessed always.

  3. This is so very true and in most places within the world. Kids are taught that they need to be book smart in order to succeed in life but that is so far from the truth. Kids need to be prepared for life as a whole and creativity definitely needs to be valued more! Stay blessed! πŸ™‚

  4. Sir…. Britishers understood indians better than us when it came to enforcing rules and regulations down our throat. Hopefully … Future will teach us something in future.

  5. That is quite a simple look on a very complicated subject. Firstly, we haven’t discusses which level of education we are talking about – primany, secondary, universtiy leve? Also, while the curriculum may not make us job ready, it does provide a holistic development and cover subjects that are otherwise considered useless. It is a nuanced topic and requires a nuaced opinio.

    1. Education system is kavjing in quakity at all levels. It is not at all holistic right from primary till post graduation. When primary education that us the base is not good nothing else can be good. Most if it is theoretical with emphasis on rote learning and nothing much on application. Studies afte studies have shown that Indian students are way behind in application as compared to developed countries. There is no encourafement to innovation . It is surprising ti know that not even 30 percent of students passing out of Indian enng colleges are employment worthy.
      My article is not a research paper, it is just conveying a thought on which enough research has been done.

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